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For anyone who’s been hoping Washington DC's post-hardcore legends Fugazi might at some point emerge from their long haitus, this might well be the next best thing.
Coriky is a trio consisting of Amy Farina on drums, Joe Lally on bass and Ian MacKaye on guitar, with all of them sharing vocal duties. Formed in 2015, Coriky didn’t play their first show until 2018 and now finally, they release their debut album.

As you’d expect, it’s the perfect mix of melody and intensity. Lally’s dubby basslines, rumble over rattling snares and although all three share the mic, it’s MacKaye’s distinctive vocal that gives them their edge.

Idles might have borrowed the politically charged punk mantle for a while, but MacKaye and co are here to win it back.


1) Clean Kill
2) Hard To Explain
3) Say Yes
4) Have A Cup Of Tea
5) Too Many Husbands
6) BQM
7) Last Thing
8) Jack Says
9) Shedileebop
10) Inauguration Day
11) Woulda Coulda

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