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Wolfram & Josh Ludlow

Yo Yo Disco

    Absolutely stonking stuff here from the ever-reliable Public Possession, with Wolfram and Josh Ludlow providing an out-of-nowhere, quirky, electro-house flavoured stadium smasher to rival anything from Fisherspooner, Soulwax or Justice!

    It's a different vibes (obvs) from that golden era of electro-house, but "Yo Yo Disco" has a similar approach: utilizing an absolutely nonsensical vocal hook to devastating effect! You'll be singing it all night - 'back and forth like a yo-yo'!!


    Matt says: It's all about that ear-worm! Reminds me a bit of "Disco To Disco" or "Eat Sleep Rave Repeat". Either way it's bound to get drilled into your cerebrum like an infectious termite.


    1. Wolfram & Josh Ludlow - Yo Yo Disco
    2. Wolfram & Josh Ludlow - Yo Yo Disco (Extended)

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