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Wolf Alice

Blue Weekend

    Four years on from their Mercury Prize winning "Visions Of A Life" LP, Wolf Alice return with their most expansive, ambitious release to date.


    Barry says: It's wonderful to have a new album from Wolf Alice, and 'Blue Weekend' is indeed a stormer. Brilliantly inventive and full of the sort of rhythmic twists and turns we've come to expect from 2017's standout epic, 'Visions Of A Life'. This one sees a band full of energy and vigour, and should prove to be just as impactful as their previous work. A bold and wonderful beast.


    1. The Beach
    2. Delicious Things
    3. Lipstick On The Glass
    4. Smile
    5. Safe From Heartbreak (if You Never Fall In Love)
    6. How Can Make It OK?
    7. Play The Greatest Hits
    8. Feeling Myself
    9. The Last Man On Earth
    10. No Hard Feelings
    11. The Beach II

    Visions Of A Life is the follow up to Wolf Alice’s 2015 Gold-selling debut album My Love Is Cool. It is fundamentally a personal album, and one of great growth for Wolf Alice. The album is incredibly broad in range, refusing to be defined by one idea. From the uncompromising 'Yuk Foo' to the infectious ‘Beautifully Unconventional' and 'Don’t Delete The Kisses’, a dizzyingly romantic track which shows their progression and maturity as songwriters. Visions Of A Life is not an album of cliches. It is packed with surprises for those who think they know Wolf Alice. A darker, bolder, more diverse release from the biggest breakthrough independent band of recent years. 


    Barry says: Haunting vocal melodies, swirling shoe-gazing guitar flourishes and aching, melodic breakdowns. It's rare that an album flows so well yet manages to encompass all of the elements Wolf Alice are so renowned for. An absolute belter.


    1. "Heavenward" 4:55
    2. "Yuk Foo" 2:13
    3. "Beautifully Unconventional" 2:13
    4. "Don't Delete The Kisses" 4:35
    5. "Planet Hunter" 3:52
    6. "Sky Musings" 2:58
    7. "Formidable Cool" 3:33
    8. "Space & Time" 2:27
    9. "Sadboy" 4:11
    10. "St. Purple & Green" 4:21
    11. "After The Zero Hour" 3:24
    12. "Visions Of A Life" 7:57

    Wolf Alice

    My Love Is Cool

      12 track debut album from London's Wolf Alice.

      While the group's early material was folk-tinged pop, they became more rock-oriented after the rhythm section joined. Clash described the band as "the lovechild of folk and grunge".The "Fluffy" single saw the band compared to Elastica and Hole, while the single's B-side, "White Leather", saw comparisons to The xx. The Observer described their sound as "an engaging strain of off-kilter indie rock".

      They now unveil their debut album.


      Turn To Dust
      Your Loves Whore
      You're A Germ
      Giant Peach
      Soapy Water
      The Wonderwhy

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