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    Armed with his trusty white Gibson Flying V and his ain't-no-square corkscrew hair, Perth-born, Melbourne-based power pop boy wonder Wesley Fuller is a pop classicist who is not afraid to mess with the classics. Mixing stunning Beatles-style pop melodies with thumping disco beats like no one since Jeff Lynne in the late 70s, and chucking in a crunchy big glam whomp and the boldest bubblegum colours heard this century, Fuller is the latest in a line of artists that goes back to Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney; artists with a singular pop vision. Fuller first made a name for himself early in the second decade of the millennium, up front of Perth power pop outfit Hurricane Fighter Plane.

    Discovered online by legendary English A&R man James Endeacott, Fuller moved to Melbourne where he met and worked with like- minded folk like You Am I's Davey Lane. Soon he was making waves internationally with his 2016 EP Melvista and his 2017 debut album Inner City Dream, around which he spent an extended period of time touring Australia and in the UK and Europe. Of course, at the start of the new decade, the world changed and Fuller's ability to keep the momentum going was lost. "It was the late summer of 2019 and I'd just returned home to Melbourne after a European Tour (and several months overseas following that). I'd just ended a long-term relationship, and I'd never felt so disconnected from my friends in the Melbourne music scene - having not played locally in almost a year. “I'd lost all the momentum I'd built up in 2018, so I was back to square one. It was time to get cracking on album #2!” The result of that disconnect and of hours of isolated work throughout lockdown and beyond, Fuller's second album is ready to go.


    Side A
    1. Back To Square One
    2. Alamein Line
    3. Jacaranda
    4. Pacific Coast Highway
    5. Everything Is Strange
    6. Inside And Out
    7. Trade War
    Side B
    1. Counting Down The Days
    2. The Velvet Affair
    3. The House Of Love
    4. Look No Further
    5. Worthwhile
    6. All Of My Dreams

    Wesley Fuller

    Inner City Dream

      Coming a year on from the brash debut EP, Melvista, Inner City Dream features twelve tracks of swirling psych, jangly pop and punchy, crunchy glam that show off Fuller’s broadening sonic palette and his progression as a writer and producer.

      He explains: “Melvista was really my first solo expedition and I was learning as I went along. I think by the time I came to record the album I had a better technical knowledge of what I was doing. There's probably a wider span of influences on the album. I wanted to showcase every aspect of my sound.”

      As well as his steady diet of 70s junk shop glam and bubblegum, Fuller’s regular DJ slots around the Melbourne rock scene’s favourite dive bars produced a new fascination for the polyrhythmic ways of Talking Heads during their late-70s/early-80s peak. It inspired Fuller to make tunes of his own that would make people boogie.

      Lyrically, Fuller has also progressed. Moving on from the teenage lust of much of Melvista, Inner City Dream presents the worldview of a young man trying to come to terms with his place, both physically and symbolically.

      Fuller has already started demoing tracks and playing with ideas for his second album, though it may be some time off. The concepts on Inner City Dream and world events have started him thinking about what else could be around the corner.

      “I think the next few years will be a very interesting time for pop music. The world is in a crazy state right now and it feels as though something will have to give pretty soon. There's plenty to write about. But do people want to hear protest songs or do they want to escape reality? Perhaps there's a new sound around the corner. Who will turn on the light?”


      1. Inner City Dream
      2. Someone To Walk Around With
      3. Skyways
      4. Better Of Me
      5. Morality
      6. All The Colours Of Sadness
      7. #1 Song
      8. It Can Change My Ways
      9. Biggest Fan
      10. Wish You Would
      11. Miranda Says
      12. No More Chances

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