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Darkest Hour

Undoing Ruin

    Ferocious cocktail of hardcore nihilism and the brutal intricacy of thrash metal. A tightly wound maelstrom of raging sound formed from raw throat vocals, tight machine gun rhythms and complex burning guitars.

    Straylight Run

    Straylight Run

      The long awaited debut from the band formed by original members of Taking Back Sunday is a web of gentle, mournful passion, delicately woven around piano and acoustic/electric guitar led melodies and lent added texture by the use of drum loops, samples and assorted quirky noises. Mike Birnbaum (Coheed And Cambria and The Bad Brains) pulls it all together with his crisp, open production.

      Action Action

      Don't Cut Your Fabric To This Year's Fashion

        An incendiary chemical reaction resulting from the mixing of equal parts synth pop, spiky, burning guitar riffs, walls of feedback and Mark Thomas Kluepfel's spine tingling, bruising imagery exploring the divergence of life, death, love and war. Features Taking Back Sunday's Eddie Reyes and Gary Bennett of Kill Your Idols.

        Taking Back Sunday

        Where You Want To Be

          This is not perhaps as immediate as "Tell All Your Friends", it's genre defining predecessor, but it more than compensates for that with a maturity and cleverness that will reel you in with just a little persistence. The trademark blazing guitars are still there anyway, Adam Lazarra doesn't sound any different and the background vocals, provided by Fred Mascherino, if anything, are better than ever.


          The Curse

            This is the second full length release from Orange County's emo / hardcore / retro-metal outfit. It's crystalline production doesn't detract in any way from their tortured energy, but it does add clarity to their sound, providing the perfect frame for a catchy cocktail of hardcore and melodic indie rock. A definite progression from "Butterfly Kisses..." that proves that accessibility and passion are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

            Scars Of Tomorrow

            Rope Tied To The Trigger

              Scars Of Tomorrow have had a couple of albums released on Thorp records to hone their grinding, tormented and austere Orange County metal / hardcore sound into this heartfelt expression of bitter fury. The ferocity is undiluted and unrelenting, right from the opening detonation of 'To Watch You Burn', but there is melody and structural variation in there too to temper the onslaught. A pulverising, passionate, complex, atavistic catharsis of morally ambivalent anger and frustration - not for the faint hearted.

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