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Love Makes Magic - The Remixes

    Love Makes Magic, the debut LP by JIM - aka Jim Baron of Crazy P & Ron Basejam notoriety - was released in June 2023 and the album has connected with an ever growing number of fans; lured in by great songs, Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter acoustics, 60’s psychedelic folk-rock, a dash of Balearic, discoid funk and a healthy dose of yacht-rock. The album was voted Album of the Year in the Bill Brewster Furtive 50 chart for 2023 - like a Balearic BAFTAs - and Still River Flow (Generalisation Dub) came 2nd in the tracks of the year... which was nice.

    Disco Pogo, Piccadilly Records and Mr Bongo all gave the LP honourable mention in their end of year charts too. As you’d expect with an artist who has 25 years of dance music connections the accompanying remixes weren’t bad either... Crooked Man, Ruf Dug, Flying Mojito Brothers and Generalisation all came up with fine reinterpretations. Luke Unabomber hailed The Crooked Goth version of Phoenix as his track of the year. The vinyl run of the Crooked Mixes sold out in record time.

    As the remixes racked up we considered collecting them together for a remix LP. And so here we are... presenting Love Makes Magic - The Remixes.

    The five aforementioned mixes will be joined by five brand new ones from X-Press 2, Mang Dynasty, Chris Coco, Begin ( James Holroyd) and Brown Fang. Spanning pumping club bangers, perfect sunsets soundtracks and left-field electronica.

    We love them.
    We hope you do too..


    Barry says: A stunning set of remixes from some of the hottest names in the electronic music world, for Jim's brilliant 'Love Makes Magic' LP, one of our collective favourites of 2023. Basking in the relaxed, Balearic waters of the original but twisted and coaxed around a variety of grooves, these pieces shine in a whole new light when viewed through a different lens, and show the talents of remixers and Baron alike. Brill.


    A1. Still River Flow (Generalisation Dub) Phoenix (Crooked Goth)
    A2. Oxygen (Ruf Dug Remix)
    B1. Ballad Of San Marino (Mang Dynasty Remix) Still River Flow (Begin Remix)
    B2. Where The Leaves Are Falling (Brown Fang Remix) Across The Street (Generalisation Dub)
    C1. Phoenix (X-Press 2 On Fire Remix)
    C2. Oxygen (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito)
    D1. The Ballad Of San Marino (Chris Coco Extended Dub Version)

    Jim Vs Crooked Man

    Phoenix (Crooked Man Remixes)

      This release fills us with great pleasure…

      Vicious Charm’s first two artists come together to create musical magic.

      Crooked Man gives us Crooked Goth & Crooked Fire; 2 stunning dark, dubby interpretations of Phoenix - JIM’s interpretation of The Cult’s original track.

      Everyone comes out of this flurry of interpretations well…

      None more Vicious Charm!


      Matt says: One of the best Balearic jams of the year gets clubified by Crooked Man. I say clubified - we're not talking peak time acid techno ket bangers here - more a subtle, early evening warm up - with Parrot adding a weighted kick, delectable finger snaps and a beatdown bass groove; ensuring its continued rotation in backrooms, basements and after parties for the rest of the year and well into 2024!


      Crooked Goth
      Crooked Fire

      Crooked Man

      Love & Resitance / Nemesis / Nemesister

        This is Love & Resistance by Crooked Man. His first single on Vicious Charm and now available on vinyl.

        Love & Resistance is 9:59 of beautiful electronic soul music. The dreamy vocals come courtesy of Carmen Squire. A perfect combination.

        While the A-side oozes class & sophistication - the B-side is a different beast entirely. Nemesis is a dirty, sweaty mid tempo club track that is hard to resist. Nemesister is the more dubbier sibling.

        Released digitally in January the record was loved & admired across the DJ spectrum. Honey Dijon, The Blessed Madonna, Luke Unabomber, Tim Sweeney, Luke Solomon, Gilles Peterson, Roisin Murphy, Nick Fanciulli, Fred Everything, Colleen Cosmo Murphy, Andreas Baumecker & Bill Brewster all showed it some love…

        But our favourite reaction was from Fatboy Slim… “classy and beautiful (obviously too classy and beautiful for my DJ sets i'm afraid) but i do love this. welcome to Vicious Charm!!”


        Matt says: Who let the Parrot out of the cage again?! Our favourite Sheffield dance music veteran returns with three more killer and upfront tracks that recall his remixes of Roisin Murphy and the tracks released on Bitter End. Full fat, mid tempo, electro-disco bangers with a sophisticated level of synthesis and production prowess.


        Love & Resistance


        Love Makes Magic

          Who is Jim?

          A kaleidoscope of harmony vocals - as Crosby, Stills and Nash might have sounded with a funky back beat. Delicate acoustic fingerpicking, warmed by a swell of brass before a drama of electric unfolds. Guitar band music, delivered with the sensibilities of someone who knows how to make you dance. Sun-kissed blue-eyed soul, reminiscent of Ned Doheny, but emanating from a beach far from California.

          These are the sounds of Jim, as heard on debut album 'Love Makes Magic'.

          Debuting in 2021 on the folk-informed 'Falling That You Know' EP, Jim is the latest alias of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and renowned DJ Jim Baron. Famed as co-founder and musical director of festival-stunning favourites Crazy P, his latest Jim project is a musical journey unlike anything he has done before. 


          Paul says: On first listening to ‘Love Makes Magic’ by JIM, it’s hard to believe that the man behind it, Jim Baron, is a founding member of Manchester dance innovators Crazy P - a group who’ve been shaking dance floors all across the globe for two decades.

          Here, he's influenced by the likes of Nick Drake, Jackson C. Frank, Terry Callier, and guitar bands from the 60s and 70s such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, as well as soulful West Coast sounds like Ned Doheny. It's no surprise, then, that this is an album full of lush, intricate summer folk sounds and beautiful Balearic beats.

          It's full of subtle melodies and grooves which proliferate on a journey through space and time - from Laurel Canyon to Levenshulme via Ibiza. It's a simple call to hazy memories, youthful exuberance with a care-free, feel-good spirit and a return to the feeling of home. Essential.


          1. Across The Street
          2. A Life Inbetween
          3. Where The Leaves Are Falling
          4. Oxygen
          5. Still River Flows
          6. The Ballad Of San Marino
          7. Phoenix
          8. Sea Of Unbelonging
          9. Then We Do It Again
          10. Love Make Magic 

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