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Love Makes Magic

    Who is Jim?

    A kaleidoscope of harmony vocals - as Crosby, Stills and Nash might have sounded with a funky back beat. Delicate acoustic fingerpicking, warmed by a swell of brass before a drama of electric unfolds. Guitar band music, delivered with the sensibilities of someone who knows how to make you dance. Sun-kissed blue-eyed soul, reminiscent of Ned Doheny, but emanating from a beach far from California.

    These are the sounds of Jim, as heard on debut album 'Love Makes Magic'.

    Debuting in 2021 on the folk-informed 'Falling That You Know' EP, Jim is the latest alias of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and renowned DJ Jim Baron. Famed as co-founder and musical director of festival-stunning favourites Crazy P, his latest Jim project is a musical journey unlike anything he has done before. 


    Martin says: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Jim! Love this so much!

    Andy says: What a brilliant LP. Beautiful melodies and grooves proliferate on a journey through space and time. From the Laurel Canyon to Levenshulme via, of course, Ibiza, the clue is in the title and this is gonna be the sound of the summer.


    1. Across The Street
    2. A Life Inbetween
    3. Where The Leaves Are Falling
    4. Oxygen
    5. Still River Flows
    6. The Ballad Of San Marino
    7. Phoenix
    8. Sea Of Unbelonging
    9. Then We Do It Again
    10. Love Make Magic 

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