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Dashboard Confessional

A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar

    Fourth album from emocore pioneers Dashboard Confessional. As expected, the album features Chris Carraba's distinctive emotive songwriting, but the overall sound is fuller and more dynamic than their previous releases.

    No Motiv


      A punk-pop quartet from Oxnard, CA, No Motiv specialize in the sort of personal introspection and emotional catharsis that defines the sub genre known as "emocore". This four track mini album is a taster for the album to be issued in September 2003. No Motiv have polished their sound into a steady buzz of melodically injected punk rock with the grinding heart splitting lyrics to match.

      Face To Face

      How To Ruin Everything

        "How To Ruin Everything" sees Face To Face reaffirm their status as one of the 1990s new-punk trailblazers who have often been cited by bands like Blink 182 and the Alkaline Trio as major influences. Trever Keith, Scott Shiflett and Pete Parada formed as a trio in 1991 with a passion for old skool punk rock and this direct, no nonsense approach is there to be heard on this 2002 punk epistle.

        Various Artists

        Five Years On The Street - Vagarant Records Sampler

          Another crackin' cheap Vagrant sampler. New tracks from Blink 182, The Hippos and Automatic 7 and other top acts like Face To Face, No Motiv, MXPX and the Gotohells.


          Social Life

            Koufax have merged 80s new wave, Costello / Flaming Lips / Cure and even a hint of the Beach Boys on "Social Life" their second album on Vagrant.

            Audio Learning Center

            Friendships Often Fade Away

              Featuring ex-Pond front man Christopher Brady, Audio Learning Center are producing some excellent emocore stuff that has a classy sense of style with subtle dynamics, evolving songs and great vocals from Brady. The sound has echoes of the early (best) Cure with some tracks reminiscent of the emotional intensity of "Faith" and "Seventeen Seconds" but given that impact that the emo / punk scene builds on.

              Get Up Kids

              On A Wire

                The Get Up Kids are simply one of the best emocore outfits on the planet, they helped define the style and "On A Wire" is prepared to redefine the band again. It's mellow, even soppy at times but the emotion content is too high to ignore and they're not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Fulsome vocal harmonies, subtle acoustic melodies, poppy basslines - the Get Up Kids have taken emo one step further from core.

                The New Amsterdams

                Para Toda Vida

                  Any fan of the Get Up Kids will know that the New Amsterdams is the solo project by TGUK's front-man, Matthew Prior. For this, his second recording for Vagrant, Prior has stripped down his songs to their bare essentials. These are acoustic tracks with an emotional, americana feel to many of the songs that creates a passionate and human gem.

                  No Motiv

                  Diagram For Healing

                    This is the highly anticipated follow up to the band's debut and they've suddenly got a whole lot better mind you touring with the likes of Blink 182 + Alkaline Trio must have helped. They have polished their sound into a steady buzz of melodically injected punk rock with the grinding, heart splitting lyrics to match. Not easy to ignore! Another great release from Vagrant Records - home of Rocket FTC, Face To Face, Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio.

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