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UV & Nenor

Shmanman / Tookey

UV & Nenor have been on a hot streak of late with great outings on the likes of the Fossils label and now they keep it up with a red hot new drop on the brand new Ma Ze label. This tidy 7" packs a punch with two jams that will work the floor. The first is a slow motion but irresistible dub-disco fusion with squelchy bass and nice colourful, warm, gooey chords with vocals from Ranking Levy. On the flip is 'Tookey', a futuristic electro vocoder jam that comes to life with vivid synths circling round the mix and an unusual sense of swing. From laid back session at home to steamy club use, both of these are useful jams.


Mine says: UV & Nenor follow up 'Bahia / Goombay' with another mega cosmic disco double header - the last one went out of stock quicker than you can say yes please. Blink and you'll miss it!


Shmanman (feat Ranking Levy)

Pink Floyd

The Dark Side Of The Moon - Collector's Edition UV Vinyl Picture Disc

    As part of the 50th Anniversary 2023 remaster campaign, Pink Floyd will release a Collector’s Edition of The Dark Side Of The Moon on crystal clear vinyl. This will be a 2 x 180g single sided LP set, featuring UV artwork print on the non-groove sides.

    This new edition of the album will feature the prism spectrum seen through the playable side of the vinyl whilst maintaining the best quality sound that fans will expect. It will be packaged in a slip cased gatefold sleeve, with an exclusive poster.

    This is the first time that Pink Floyd has used this pioneering UV printing process for a picture disc. The images are printed with a high end UV printer, using UV-Led light to dry the permanent ink on the sides without audio on which the image is printed. This combination of one-sided audio and the UV print (on the side without audio) combines the best of both worlds: perfect audio and a beautiful image to enjoy.


    1. Speak To Me
    2. Breathe (In The Air)
    3.On The Run
    4. Time
    5. The Great Gig In The Sky
    6. Money
    7. Us And Them
    8. Any Colour You Like
    9. Brain Damage
    10. Eclipse


    Go Away EP

      Raw, speedy punk songs with the edges softened out by bright melodic sensibilities.

      4 SONG EP of female fronted crash-pop. Raw, speedy punk songs with the edges softened out by bright melodic sensibilities and faint hints of jangle hiding just beneath the surface RIYL The Shop Assistants, The Primitives, C86 fuzz pop, etc.


      1. Go Away
      2. It's Dead
      3. Violent Days
      4. Really Stupid

      The debut EP from Manchester based electronic duo UV (Zandra Klievens and Jonjo Feather). Two singles this year have garnered the duo a Record Store Day Recommendation from God Is In The TV and spins from the likes of Tom Ravenscroft BBC6 and Shell Zenner Amazing Radio.

      The 5 track E.P. consolidates the duo’s brooding aesthetic “Effortlessly uniting a fairytale of dark underground disco, minimal techno and ethereal pop” The 405.



      melodious pop songs through a devolved, malodorous glam-punk aesthetic. It continues the stylistic jump from their self-titled debut to sophomore full-length Homo, further exploring the possibilities of the first wave of punk, incorporating orchestral arrangements and gutter-glitter psych stomp, like if Vom tried to write their own Forever Changes; like if the Electric Eels backed up Bolan or if The Fall put out a record on Crass Records. There are tuneful lamentations of heartbreak and loss alongside very debased, toilet-humor punk licks; Lovecraftian psych-cult morbidity at one moment and rousing anti-anthems against self denial the next. It has been an especially productive year for the band— they are about to launch their first feature-length film, Autonomy and Deliberation, and the soundtrack LP recorded for the film comes alongside Racism, a split 7-inch with Native Cats (on Ride the Snake), a split live LP with Eddy Current Suppression Ring (on Almost Ready, originally released on a limited run of cassettes back in 2008), and the Gypsy King single (from Racism, on HoZac). All this, plus the output of the numerous other Melbourne bands in which members of UV Race play—Asps, Dick Diver, East Link, Guy & Marcus Blackman Experimentation, Lower Plenty, School of Radiant Living, Soma Coma, Straightjacket Nation and Total Control—reveal a relentless commitment for the sake of the song.


      1. Be Your Self
      2. I’m A Pig
      3. Life Park
      4. Unknown Pleasures
      5. Sophie Says
      6. Raw Balls
      7. Bad Egg
      8. Gypsy King
      9. Nuclear Family
      10. Memenonome

      2007 saw the first recording from Melbourne, Australia’s The UV Race - a self-released tape featuring four songs of primitive thud, minimal assemblage and high-energy expression. Over the next three years the band has continued to show dedication to these themes with a string of cassettes and singles and their 2009 self-titled debut fulllength, and their sophomore album Homo delivers on the promise of these early releases. Working again with Eddy Current Suppression Ring guitarist Mikey Young at the recording and mixing stages, The UV Race developed the songs over several sessions. Their willingness to explore is clear, from the psychotic bedroom confessional of “Girl in My Head” with its confident teenheat swagger, to the seven-minute closer “Homo,” where nods to the Ramones enclose a psychedelic freak-out reminiscent of the closing minutes of The Stooges’ Funhouse. In between, the band explores influences ranging from their Australian proto-punk and garage fascinations to American country, Krautrock and UK post-punk, citing the Velvet Underground and the Saints as influences. Recorded by Eddy Current Suppression Ring guitarist Mikey Young.


      1. Girl In My Head
      2. Burn That Cat
      3. Lost My Way
      4. Inner North
      5. Nazicistic
      6. Down Your Street
      7. Slow Mo
      8. Low
      9. Always Late
      10. Homo

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