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Turin Brakes

Ether Song - 20th Anniversary Edition

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Turin Brakes’ second album Ether Song, [PIAS] Recordings Catalogue will reissue the long out of print album as a limited 2LP Blue Vinyl.

    This reissue will mark the first time that the album has been repressed since original release in 2003.


    1. Blue Hour
    2. Average Man
    3. Long Distance
    4. Self Help
    5. Falling Down
    6. Stone Thrown
    7. Clean Blue Air
    8. Pain Killer (Summer Rain)
    9. Full Of Stars
    10. Panic Attack
    11. Little Brother
    12. Rain City
    13. Ether Song

    Turin Brakes

    Wide-Eyed Nowhere

      Wide Eyed Nowhere is Turin Brakes’ ninth full studio album, a set of new songs emerging 21 years after their seminal debut. It's no easy feat maintaining an optimistic attitude through the turbulence of the years, but the band found their own method down in deepest Tooting to produce this lean, bittersweet collection.


      1. When You're Around
      2. Up For Grabs
      3. World Like That
      4. Into The Sun
      5. The Ride
      6. Isolation
      7. This Love
      8. Rain And Hurricanes
      9. Solid Ground
      10. Wide-Eyed Nowhere
      11. No Rainbow

      Turin Brakes

      The Optimist - 20th Anniversary Edition

        Turin Brakes critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Optimist LP’ gets the re-issue treatment to celebrate its 20th Anniversary

        The ground breaking long player, originally released in 2001 features classic tracks such as ‘Underdog (Save Me)’, ’The Door' and ‘Feeling Oblivion’.
        ’The Optimist LP’ will be re-released on Deluxe 2LP & 2CD on Two-Piers, a new Brighton label, now with a Bonus album of ‘Demos’ from the original sessions and New Artwork. The Album has been out of print on Vinyl for many years now.

        Press for The Optimist LP:

        Drowned in Sound - 'The Optimist LP' is a quite stunningly beautiful record.

        NME - It’s one of those albums. Like ‘Parachutes’, for some, we suppose. But then listening to Coldplay instead of Turin Brakes is like the [I]Almost Famous[/I] generation choosing Don McLean over Tim Buckley. One’s comforting, familiar, pretty; the other strikes at your soul. And it’s a special kind of record which can encourage [I]and[/I] soundtrack such introspection, without losing its edge to indulgent miserabilism

        Pitchfork - Olly Knights' vocals mix Jeff Buckley moan and Marc Bolan hiss. The songs are simple, emotional, and earnest…., and they're laden with Everly Brothers harmonies 


        A1 Feeling Oblivion
        A2 Underdog (Save Me)
        A3 Emergency 72
        A4 Future Boy
        A5 The Door
        A6 State Of Things
        B1 By TV Light
        B2 Slack
        B3 Starship
        B4 The Road
        B5 Mind Over Money
        B6 The Optimist
        C1 Feeling Oblivion - Demo
        C2 Underdog (Save Me) - Demo
        C3 Emergency 72 - Demo
        C4 Future Boy -Original Version.
        C5 The Door - Original Version
        C6 State Of Things - Demo
        D1 By TV Light - Original Version
        D2 Slack - Demo
        D3 Starship - Demo
        D4 The Road - Demo
        D5 Mind Over Money- Demo
        D6 The Optimist – Demo

        1 Feeling Oblivion
        2 Underdog (Save Me)
        3 Emergency 72
        4 Future Boy
        5 The Door
        6 State Of Things
        7 By TV Light
        8 Slack
        9 Starship
        10 The Road
        11 Mind Over Money
        12 The Optimist
        1 Feeling Oblivion - Demo
        2 Underdog (Save Me) - Demo
        3 Emergency 72 - Demo
        4 Future Boy -Original Version.
        5 The Door - Original Version
        6 State Of Things - Demo
        7 By TV Light - Original Version
        8 Slack - Demo
        9 Starship - Demo
        10 The Road - Demo
        11 Mind Over Money- Demo
        12 The Optimist – Demo

        Turin Brakes

        Invisible Storm

          After an impressive 17 years together, seven studio albums and over a million records sold worldwide, they might be excused a bit of downtime. But no… the London 4-piece Turin Brakes have announced their eighth studio album ‘Invisible Storm’ coming in January 2018 on Cooking Vinyl, followed by a major UK tour. 2016 saw them back lighting up the airwaves with national radio playlisting for three singles from critically acclaimed album ‘Lost Property’ coupled with a packed schedule of touring. Yet all along the way new material kept bubbling through. New songs kept popping up, in soundchecks. Light-bulb moments materialised in midnight sessions in hotel rooms or in any spare moments found. Invisible Storm is big-picture music played on a small screen, refracted through lyrics that embrace the personal and the universal, without offering the comfort of easy answers. Formed in Balham South London, Turin Brakes released their Mercury Music Prize nominated debut album The Optimist in 2001 followed by Ether Song in 2003 which featured the top 5 hit single Pain Killer (Summer Rain). One of the finest indie bands of the last decade with 7 top 40 hits to their name Turin Brakes are a band that’s weathered many Invisible Storms, that are sure of who they are and what they’ve set out to do, and know that there’s always a story left to tell…


          1. Would You Be Mine
          2. Wait
          3. Always
          4. Lost In The Woods
          5. Deep Sea Diver
          6. Life Forms
          7. Invisible Storm
          8. Everything All At Once
          9. Tomorrow
          10. Smoke And Mirrors
          11. Don’t Know Much

          Turin Brakes

          Lost Property

            A collection of dispatches from the elusive side of reality that’s just a twist away from the everyday, Lost Property features the band’s trademark West-Coast acoustic guitar and widescreen harmony textures. Listen carefully beneath the lush, cinematic production the band created with co-conspirator Ali Staton (Madonna, La Roux) in the analogue world of Rockfields’ legendary studio; and you’ll hear other hints and stories, both hopeful and unsettling, resonating with unexpected echoes from your own life.

            The record scales up from the intimacy of Martini, through the uneasy domesticity of Quiet Ones, the futuristic pulse of 96, the yearning gospel inflections of Save You hurtling towards the towering darkness of epic finale Black Rabbit. There’s the intimacy and warmth that Turin Brakes have taken along with them down the years, but this time reaching up towards something bigger, more epic in scope and darker in hue. It’s a sound yearning for the wide open spaces of the USA but rooted in the grimy streets of South London, still unique, still unforgettable.

            How many pundits frantically casting their runes back in 1999 for predictions for the new millennium would have foreseen that Turin Brakes would be releasing their seventh studio album in 2016? Back then, they were hotly-tipped young ingénues, and we all know what usually happens to them in the heartless world of showbiz….While many of the rest of the class of 2000 seem forever frozen into the faces in their yearbook pictures, Turin Brakes are still making their way through the century’s changing landscape.

            TRACK LISTING

            1: 96
            2: Keep Me Around
            3: The Quiet Ones
            4: Lost Property
            5: Rome
            6: Brighter Than The Dark
            7: Save You
            8: Martini
            9: Jump Start
            10: Hope We Make It
            11: Black Rabbit

            Turin Brakes

            We Were Here

              We Were Here, the bands sixth album, was recorded at Rockfield Studios and engineered and mixed by Ali Staton (Rufus Wainwright / Madonna / Tricky) and produced by Turin Brakes and Ali Staton.

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