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Attachment Styles

    Irish intersectional feminist five piece M(h)aol have announced their debut album 'Attachment Styles' out via TULLE.

    Following the release of their debut EP 'Gender Studies', the band hit the ground running in 2022. Gaining a reputation as one of the most sought after live bands of the summer, M(h)aol performed at Primavera, Green Man, Latitude, and End of the Road, toured Europe with Gilla Band and Shellac, and more.

    Gracing the cover of Spotify’s Hot New Bands multiple times, and based between Dublin, London, Cork and Bristol, M(h)aol (pronounced male) are formed of Róisín Nic Ghearailt (She/Her), Constance Keane (She/Her), Jamie Hyland (She/Her), Zoë Greenway (She/Her), and Sean Nolan (He/Him).

    Today the 5-piece announce their debut album Attachment Styles out 3rd February 2023 via TULLE Collective.

    ‘Attachment Styles’ is a record about social connection, queerness and healing. When Róisín was writing the lyrics, she used the theory of attachment styles as an overarching theme which is a theory that looks at the impact our inter-familial relationships and society have on how we relate to one another.

    With the album, the listener goes on a journey of healing. We start with 'Asking For It', a song that deals with one of the worst things that can happen to someone, then we travel through various stages of self-acceptance and community building with the triumphant ‘Period Sex’. Bassist Jamie produced, mixed, and mastered the album where she wanted to capture the live element, meaning it was recorded in one small room with no headphones, minimal drum mics, and only a PA for vocals.


    Barry says: Bold strokes of booming bass and mid-heavy punky guitar stabs form the perfect backdrop for the emotive vocals of Róisín Nic Ghearailt, tackling issues like social connection and gender identity. It's a ferocious and perfectly delivered maelstrom.


    Side A
    1. Asking For It
    2. Bored Of Men
    3. No One Ever Talks To Us
    4. Bisexual Anxiety
    5. Therapy
    6. Nice Guys
    Side B
    1. Kim Is A Punk Type Dog
    2. Cowboy Honey
    3. Femme
    4. Period Sex



      Pieced together over five years, Oíche chronicles growth through challenges, instability, and relationship changes, both with one's self and others. The album reveals itself much like a coming of age novel about the breaking apart of girlhood and rebuilding of a young woman.

      An intimate depiction of discovery, Oíche unearths internal dialogue, and makes peace with uncertainty. Oíche, meaning 'night' in Irish, was recorded in three bedrooms, hospital, and the Domino Recordings studio in Brixton.

      Fears is London-based Irish artist Constance Keane. Combining reflective electronics, acoustic samples, and haunting vocals with organic visuals, Fears invites the listener on an ethereal journey, blurring the boundaries between music and visual art. Her minimalist approach centres on emotive subjects, which are all-at-once deeply personal yet remarkably universal.

      Oíche is the first release on TULLE, run by and for exceptional women.


      Barry says: In parts brittle, raw and minimalistic before breaking into deep, rich electronics and beautifully produced meandering instrumentation, 'Oiche' is a rich and dynamic juxtaposition of genre biases and electronic-adjacent songwriting. Immediately alluring, but unendingly expressive, this is a wonderfully produced and cleverly written gem.


      A1. H_always
      A2. Bones
      A3. Daze
      A4. Fabric
      A5. Vines
      B1. Dents
      B2. Brighid
      B3. Tonnta
      B4. Blood
      B5. Two_

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