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Big Black

Bulldozer - 2023 Reissue

    Bulldozer is the second EP by Big Black, originally released in 1983. It was their first release to feature an actual band performing, including Pat Byrne from Urge Overkill playing drums on some of the songs in addition to the Roland TR-606 drum machine that provided rhythm tracks on Big Black's early records. On Bulldozer, Big Black's founder and frontman Steve Albini achieved a signature "clanky" sound with his guitar by using metal guitar picks notched with sheet metal clips, creating the effect of two guitar picks at once. The Bulldozer EP was recorded with engineer Iain Burgess and released in December 1983, with the first two hundred copies packaged in a galvanized sheet metal sleeve in homage to Public Image Ltd.'s Metal Box. Many of the EP's lyrics depicted scenarios drawn from Albini's midwest upbringing, such as "Cables", which described the slaughtering of cows at a Montana abattoir, and "Pigeon Kill", about a rural Indiana town that dealt with an overpopulation of pigeons by feeding them poisoned corn. The EP's final song, "Jump the Climb," was recorded by Albini before the addition of his bandmates. 


    A1 Cables
    A2 Pigeon Kill
    A3 I'm A Mess
    B1 Texas
    B2 Seth
    B3 Jump The Climb

    The Jesus Lizard

    Head - Deluxe Remastered Edition

      "Head" was the first full length album by The Jesus Lizard. The band was by now a very direct, laser guided unwavering bolt of light. The guitars are bracing, bass bruising, drums galloping and vocals sounding as if sung from inside a leather mask.

      Bonus Tracks
      These tracks appear on the CD and are available to download with the vinyl version.
      Killer McHann (Live)
      Bloody Mary (Live)



        Slint established its earliest roots when, in 1981, at the ages of eleven and twelve, guitarist Brian McMahan and drummer Britt Walford began playing together in Louisville, KY. In 1984, Britt Walford and guitarist David Pajo started collaborating musically at the ages of fourteen and sixteen. 1985 saw the origination of Slint itself, the band then comprising Britt Walford, David Pajo, and bassist Ethan Buckler. Brian McMahan joined the following year.

        In 1987, Slint recorded their debut album, Tweez, with Steve Albini behind the board in Chicago and released it on the short-lived and enigmatic Jennifer Hartman Records and Tapes label. At this time, Ethan Buckler departed and was replaced on bass by Todd Brashear.


        Nan Ding

        Big Black

        Songs About Fucking

          Probably the best and definitely the most well known of Big Black albums. This incredible noise trio led by Steve Albini, released this ferocious album in 1987, but it still sounds intense and fantastic to this day. In a word, ESSENTIAL!!!



            Intelligent, catchy pop from Brooklyn's Enon. This single features one track from their new album "Hocus Pocus" plus one exclusive track.

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