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Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams - 2CD Edition

    Lucinda Williams reissues her critically acclaimed 1988 Rough Trade album, out-of-print for 10 years and 25 years since its original release it has been newly remastered.

    This 2CD release includes never-before-released album, Eindhoven Live + Bonus Tracks, featuring a live recording from Effenhaar in Eindoven, Neon May 19th, 1989 in addition to previously released bonus tracks.


    Disc 1
    1. I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
    2. The Night's Too Long
    3. Abandoned
    4. Big Red Sun Blues
    5. Like A Rose
    6. Changed The Locks
    7. Passionate Kisses
    8. Am I Too Blue
    9. Crescent City
    10. Side Of The Road
    11. Price To Pay
    12. I Asked For Water (He Gave Me Gasoline)

    Disc 2
    1. I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
    2. Big Red Sun Blues
    3. Am I Too Blue
    4. Crescent City
    5. The Night's Too Long
    6. Something About What Happens When We Talk
    7. Factory Blues
    8. Happy Woman Blues
    9. Abandoned
    10. Wild And Blue
    11. Passionate Kisses
    12. Changed The Locks
    13. Nothing In Rambling
    14. Sundays
    15. Nothing In Rambling (Live)
    16. Disgusted (Live)
    17. Side Of The Road (Live)
    18. Goin' Back Home (Live)
    19. Something About What Happens When We Talk (Live)
    20. Sundays (Live)

    Lucinda Williams

    Lucinda Williams

      Lucinda Williams reissues her critically acclaimed 1988 Rough Trade album, out-of-print for 10 years and 25 years since its original release it has been newly remastered.

      The Vaccines

      Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations

        Torchbearers for British guitar music, The Vaccines - Justin Young (lead vocals, guitars), Árni Árnason (bass, vocals), Timothy Lanham (guitars, keys, vocals) and Yoann Intonti (drums) - are back with their sixth studio album Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations. The title comes from a misheard lyric from Don McClean's "American Pie," a song that for Young fittingly evokes the death of innocence and the American Dream. After he moved to Los Angeles - a city the band has grown up being captivated by - he was forced to wrestle with the disillusionment that comes when expectations, dreams, and reality don't quite meet. Yet, though Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations is an album about reconciling with loss, it's also filled with gratitude for the people and places we once loved. "Pink carnations symbolise gratitude and tell a person they’ll never be forgotten," says Young. "So whether it's the loss of a lover, or a friend, or even just a dream, the record is a reminder that they’ll live on in whatever capacity the mind allows them to. And it's a reminder to keep on dreaming.” Produced by Andrew Wells (Halsey, Phoebe Bridgers) with Mixing from Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, The Flaming Lips), Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations is an immediately anthemic addition to the band's discography. With a mammoth five UK Top 5 albums – including a Number 1 with 2012’s Come of Age – and a fierce live reputation forged through arena-filling headline shows and unforgettable slots at Glastonbury and Reading/Leeds, The Vaccines continue to be a vital band in the British rock canon.


        Barry says: A brilliantly produced ode to the follies of human existence and joys of persistence from London indie-rockers, The Vaccines. Bright guitars and snappy synths punctate the wry delivery of vocalist, Justin Hayward-Young. It's a brilliantly nuanced and uplifting return for the band.


        1. Sometimes, I Swear
        2. Heartbreak Kid
        3. Lunar Eclipse
        4. Discount De Kooning (Last One Standing)
        5. Primitive Man
        6. Primitive Man
        7. Another Nightmare
        8. Love To Walk Away
        9. The Dreamer
        10. Anonymous In Los Feliz 

        The Gaslight Anthem

        History Books

          Like so many of the most essential rock bands, The Gaslight Anthem have a rare gift for finding glory in the inescapable pain of being alive. On their new album History Books—their first new music in over nine years—the New Jersey-bred four-piece bring their soulful breed of punk to ten thrilling songs exploring everything from mortality to mental illness to the more precarious dimensions of human connection. In the tradition of their seminal sophomore album The ’59 Sound, The Gaslight Anthem’s sixth full-length ultimately achieves the tremendous feat of hitting every raw nerve while endlessly inspiring wildly triumphant singing-along.

          “A lot of this record is questioning all the bad stuff we see in the world and the difficult things we go through in life, and asking how to deal with it,” says vocalist/guitarist Brian Fallon, whose bandmates include drummer Benny Horowitz, bassist Alex Levine, and lead guitarist Alex Rosamilia. “I think the answer is that we’re all in this together and that somehow makes it okay, even when it’s anything but easy. The main message of the album is empathy.”

          The first release from their own Rich Mahogany Recordings (a label distributed via Thirty Tigers), History Books finds The Gaslight Anthem working with acclaimed producer/engineer Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie) and recording at his Bridgeport, CT-based Tarquin Studios. Featuring a guest appearance from longtime Gaslight Anthem champion Bruce Springsteen, History Books matches its unfussy yet gracefully crafted sound with the force-of-nature energy that’s defined the band since getting their start playing basement shows back in the mid-aughts.

          “Making this album clarified that we want to keep doing what we’ve always done—because no one else can do it in quite the same way, and that’s something I’ve started to become very proud of,” says Fallon. “At the end of the day it’s just rock-and-roll music, but I really do believe it can have a positive impact on people’s lives. I think there’s so much beauty and magic in that.”


          1. Spider Bites
          2. History Books
          3. Autumn
          4. Positive Charge
          5. Michigan, 1975
          6. Little Fires
          7. The Weatherman
          8. Empires
          9. I Live In The Room Above Her
          10. A Lifetime Of Preludes

          John Smith

          The Fray

            Against the backdrop of a universally difficult 2020, songwriter and guitarist John Smith found himself facing personal and unrelenting change. “With newfound pain coming from so many directions, dealing with the uncertainty it brings, I closed the curtains and picked up the pen, turning to songwriting as a lifeline.” On his new album The Fray, Smith gives us an uplifting perspective on the path forward, but pays beautiful homage to the difficulties along the way.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Friends
            2. Hold On
            3. Sanctuary
            4. Deserving
            5. The Best Of Me
            6. Star-Crossed Lovers
            7. To The Shore
            8. Eye To Eye
            9. Just As You Are
            10. The Fray
            11. She's Doing Fine
            12. One Day At A Time

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