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The Pre New

The Male Eunuch

    The Male Eunuch follows the highly acclaimed Music for People Who Hate Themselves and its remixed companion album Music for Homeowners. Early material has been streamed online and has had strong radio play with tracks Speed Queen and A Song for One Direction.

    The bands own protest ambassador Stu Boreman stated: "Binary Digital Bankruptcy converts this Sonic Debris into the sound of summer. Off shore becomes on shore as British Summer Time arrives early. Shot thru the Black Hole into the hole in your heart, it's the colour chart from hell. Foxton's still burns. Face-sitting is banned. Froch vs Groves. Farrow & Ball. We are at War."

    “The Pre New bring absurdist punk spleen, synth pulse and the chaotic free play of signifiers – with an enraged estate agent on vocals, a Zal Cleminson lookalike in a hoodie and samples from Mike Leigh’s ‘Nuts in May’” – Q
    “The Pre New – as the name suggests – are the a mix of the noble past and the glorious future” – THE HERALD
    “Wow – that was definitely made for television...brilliant” – BBC 6 MUSIC - MARC RILEY
    “Wrap your ears round the warped brilliance of The Pre-New” – THE QUIETUS

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