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Teeth Agency

You Don’t Have To Live In Pain

Teeth Agency is the audio/visual project of London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Jesse Hackett and Chicago visual artist and gallerist Mariano Chavez. Their first full length LP You Don’t Have to Live In Pain will come out on Stones Throw in 2021.

The duo is united by their interest in experimental visuals and a varied range of unconventional musical styles including lizard lounge jazz, stoner doom pysch and absurdist soul horrorrama. The fourteen songs on their debut album curated by Peanut Butter Wolf, take the listener through a diverse range of moods and settings.


Matt says: DIY & lo-fi jazz, funk and lounge stuff here, which loosely sounds like a mix between Jeff Phelps, Cody Chestnutt, James Ferraro and Timmy Thomas (!!!). Absolutely uncategorizable genius only Stones Throw could release.


1. Anon
2. Wolfs Jam
3. Many People (Remake)
4. Jesse / Eska Games
5. The Dummy Run
6. Fazer Folk (Teeth Version)
7. Abbana Kange
8. Queen Of The Night
9. One For Tusk
10. Harpoon Land (Remake)
11. Fly Porridge
12. Do You Like Bunnies
13. Chucky Had A Bad Day
14. Clean New Old Me

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