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Copenhagen’s Tartelet is returning to their roots with a dancefloor-focused EP, Pizza Trance,from Dirk 81—a.k.a label head Emil M. Nyholm. Having previously dropped a slew of tracks as Muff Deep and CTEPEO ‘57 (with Max Graef), the DJ and producer is blessing the universe with three cuts of dancefloor heaven under a new moniker lifted from his days tagging concrete walls in the 90s. Influences draw everywhere from disco, to African hi-life, dub, Underworld, a few old trance records, and timeless house music.

Recorded over a year in Berlin and Copenhagen, the record kicks off with “M.F.C”, a disco- afro-house hybrid oozing with Roland Jupiter 6 keys and some funky drums processed on old equipment from the former USSR. The B-side spreads things deep and delicious with “Pizza Trance (Main Mix),” a euphoric serving of sounds that substitutes pepperonis and pineapples for glittering sequencers and a bangin’ bass drum.

The EP’s closer tastes like a bit of both, mixing up some more acid sounds into the recipe for a retro-sounding house track. It’s another tasty delight from the label that will fulfil any and all late-night cravings, especially if you fiend for Neapolitan pizza.. Leave room for seconds.

Kickflip Mike & Julius Conrad

Three Turtles

After gracing the grooves of Box Aus Holz and Money $ex, Kickflip Mike makes his Tartelet debut alongside Berlin bass maestro Julius Conrad with the "Three Turtles" EP. While Julius seems like a new addition to camp Tartelet, he's been in the extended family for years. The son of jazz bass legend Jurgen Attig and childhood homies with Max & Kickflip, he's existed in the crew's inner circle since day dot. Working side to side with Kickflip Mike, Julius packs this four tracker with a medley of gritty drum distortion, frenetic bass guitar-work and (as ever) a dumptruck of groove. As richly diverse as most releases on the Tartelet roster, it's a record that dabbles variously in analogue house, beat-led instrumentals and elements of breakbeat and garage - it's all going on. First out the traps is title track "Three Turtles", a kick-heavy club jam overwritten with Julius' warm warbling basslines and wah-wah guitar. After snaking through "BBQ Skit", a wonky beat-erlude in the Madlib vein, the record winds into "Some Joint", a wandering house workout with tons of virtuosity from Conrad's axe. Without further ado, the EP closes on "Voodoo Dude": a wonderfully deep finale snapped through with choppy breaks and fuzzy samples. Taken from top to bottom, "Three Turtles" is a record that shrugs off the limitations of 'club music', keeping it loose and playful enough to reflect Kickflip & Conrad's colourful lives outside the club, as well as inside.

Through releases from the likes of Glenn Astro, Muff Deep, Brandt Brauer Frick and CTEPEO' 57, Copenhagen's Tartelet Records have become a coterie for an auspicious breed of modern-day oddball. Opting for analogue gear, the Tartelet mainstays bring together lopsided sampling and loose-limbed rhythms suffused with a distinctive degree of restless energy. The next instalment comes courtesy of Nigerian born vocalist, songwriter and Max Graef collaborator, Kesiana a.k.a Wayne Snow. His vinyl debut, "Red Runner" sees the Berlin based producer drop a deluge of soul over grubby Rhodes tones, contorted melodies and tumbling drums backed up by remixes from Glenn Astro and Delusions of Grandeur regulars Session Victim. The title track rubs Snow's harmonised vocal lines against choked horn stabs and chugging guitar flashes as the basement soul bassline keeps everything grooving along nicely. "Blue Moon" sees the producer flip the script, cooking up a slow burner which softly gallops like a Dilla record making use of stuttered shuffles and granular drum samples. Glenn Astro & Imyrmind are first to tuck into the remix buffet, injecting some bump and rattle into the rhythm section and adding some short circuiting synth stabs for a little extra melodic punch. The ever soulful Session Victim transform Snow's original into a tightly coiled dancefloor spring, bursting with spiraling synth energy and laid back funk. Another winner for Tartelet and an assured debut for a producer with a big future ahead of him.

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Sat 17th - 2:56
A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
Fri 16th - 1:54
We also got this today, what a lovely surprise with our 7's, thanks @courtneymelba, and @Milk_Records xox
Thu 15th - 2:42
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