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Killer Nu Groove / 90's NYC House style tracks on Tartelet

B FROM E (Frej Garcia Levin) represents a new generation of talented young artists making waves in Copenhagen. Of Mexican-Danish descent, and born and raised in the notorious tower blocks of the south-western suburbs of Copenhagen, the 27-year old is on the up-and- up. In high demand as the founder of boom bap rap group NATKAT, producer of pop outfit Ny Sensei (New Sensei) and head of tape-only label Buddahood, the multi-talent seems to have a hand in everything at the moment. His 2017 debut ‘Porno TR-XXX’ (C.U.P) saw some of the hottest names in the game spinning B FROM E at last year’s Dekmantel festival, resulting in offers from several well-known record labels.

His new record on Tartelet Records comes as four cuts exploring different paths of the garage house sound. The opener ‘Dark Energy’ is fueled by filthy breaks and a nostalgic theme that would not be out of place in an early Atari computer game. ‘The People (Dream Mix)’ is a trippy tour through subtle layered melodies, carried by a stripped-back groove.

On the B-side you will find ‘Positive Sister (2605 Tool)’: a chunky cut with a serious bassline. Saving the best for last, ‘You Will See’, rounds off the record in style. A feel-good tune that is sure to get plenty of spins this summer. HOT TIP!


Dark Energy
The People (Dream Mix)
Positive Sister (2605 Tool)
You Will See


Paranormal Phenomena - The Icelandic Expedition

Sci-Fi leaning library music on this new album from Modula (Firecracker, Periodica) on Tartlet. Tapping into the seductive unease of the unexplained, "Paranormal Phenomena - The Icelandic Expedition" is a nine-track album that evokes alien synth-electro and New Age soundscapes.

During a trip to Iceland in February 2020, Naples native Filippo Colonna Romano (Modula) experienced the raw power of the island’s otherworldly natural forces. Inspired by his field recordings and a rekindled interest in sci-fi, the album's idea was born. Steeped in haunting LA synthesis and cinematic tension, the album is an imagined soundtrack to a supernatural thriller, cast in the icy tones of the Roland JD-800.

'When I went to Iceland I was so excited about the ambience and sounds,' says Modula. 'I felt everything was stronger than normal; the wind was brutal, the waves fast and noisy. I came to the conclusion that what I had captured all sounded strangely eerie and otherworldly. I decided to compose music that had the same vibe as the field recordings - cold and strange, mysterious and alien.'

The album includes nine tracks each representing a scene in the imaginary movie, inviting the listener on a journey through cold landscapes and into dark caves where unknown creatures lurk in the shadows. "Paranormal Phenomena" leads logically on from Modula’s previous work for Bordello A Parigi and Firecracker, not to mention his "Alba - Tempesta - Notturno EP" on Tartelet Records which drew on field recordings from the jungles of South America. Merging extreme environments with a rich palette of classic outboard gear, Modula’s music transports listeners through space and time. Given the heavy motion-picture theme present in "Paranormal Phenomena", the album is a fitting release to inaugurate Tartelet Archives, a new sub-label to Tartelet Records focusing on electronic obscurities and sounds from the past.


Matt says: A fictitious soundtrack to Icelandic exploration, synthesizer expert Modula concocts a dark, cosmic leaning long player that'll appeal to fans of ALFOS, Hoga Nord, Helena Hauff & Ivan Ivkovi?.


A1. Main Titles
A2. The Night Out
A3. Reaching The Campsite
A4. The Research Team
B1. Diamond Beach
B2. Transport On Icebreaker
B3. Paranormal Phenomena
B4. The Chemistry Lab
B5. End Titles

Copenhagen’s Tartelet continues its 10 th anniversary with another an EP from Glenn Astro, serving up five exclusive tracks across a multifaceted 12". The EP takes inspiration from Keith Haring’s celebrated 'Crack is Wack' mural in New York, which was a reaction to the drug epidemic of the time. Only 250 copies will be released worldwide.

In a short space of time, Glenn Astro has cooked up his own unique musical world. He has released full-lengths on Ninja Tune alongside Max Graef, and recently on Apollo Rec, sister label of R&S, in conjunction with Hodini.

The opener "Crack Is Wack" is a loose and live sounding jam with warm synth chords, alternating 808 drum patterns and breaks. It has a celebratory feel as expressive keys and walking basslines take turns to take the lead and move things forwards. The feel good "Der Langweiler" is a much slower and loveably lazy joint, incorporating a cosmic 808 drum groove mixed with arpeggiated Wurlizer chords and a grooving e-bassline sinking you deep into the late night groove.

On the flip and switching up the vibe again is "Der Maschine", which has frazzled electronic synths next to wooden hits and a playfully distorted drum machine to make for something that brims and bristles with dance floor energy in inventive new ways.

"Boring Times On Beleuse Five" is a tripped out sci-fi track with percolating drums and heavenly chords. It’s sparse and dynamic but with a compelling rhythm. "Discomania" is an exclusive and vinyl-only cover version of Piero Umiliani’s eponymous electronic disco classic, is a gorgeously spaced out disco instrumental with expressive keys, drums and percussion all adding up to something impossibly infectious.

This is another remarkable EP of effortlessly fused sounds, showcasing Glenn’s new steps exploring cosmic and electronically driven aesthetics.


Matt says: Playful and trickski Glenn has a sound and outlook completely of his own. He's carved out this identity through some carefully constructed, sympathetic constructions that add an elven magic to a cauldron of downbeat, hip-hop, house raw elements. Almost impossible to describe but always fun to listen to!


A1. Crack Is Wack
A2. Der Langweiler
B1. Der Maschine
B2. Boring Times No Beleuse Five

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