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Unspeakable Easels

Cities In Flight

    7" single release from this Leeds based Anticon influenced outfit. The band have previously put out a mini-album CD on the uber hip Unlabel. This release picked up several reviews in the Leeds music scene. Already, the band are starting to create a buzz locally and they're the ones everyone is talking about (well, other than Sky Larkin). This has opened the doors to many collaborations the band have planned over the next few months. Once again, this band has just been together for roughly a year and things are moving quickly. So far, having just undertaken two small UK tours, the Easels have supported Bonobo and Underling. With a promotion tour of France with a couple of radio sessions organised for Easter, the Easels are currently remixing tracks for cool as hell US underground hip hop label Botanica del Jibaro, as well as collaborating with other US artists for a compilation due out in the Summer.

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