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Under A Dying Sun

Under A Dying Sun

    Debut album from Under A Dying Sun formed in the Bay area from ex-members of Three Summers Gone, Nexus Six and Living Room War. It's a highly anticipated set of high-intensity emocore tracks that have a moody reflective edge but when it gets heavy (as it does-frequently) then brother look out!

    This Computer Kills

    This Computer Kills

      This debut self-titled release from This Computer Kills has all the energy and aggression typical of angry young men with something meaningful to say. A combination of duelling vocals, breathless screaming, complex basslines, and high-strung guitar melodies, set to a driving punk rock beat.

      Box The Compass

      Run The Easting Down

        Formed in June 2000 in San Francisco, Box The Compass capture the aggression and intensity of hardcore, while offering the groove and melodic elements of emo. This release can be described as a mix of hardcore and melodic punk, with a range of mid-tempo to slower-paced beats.

        Three Summers Gone

        Time Well Spent

          Three Summers Gone play a blend of emo and old school skate rock. For those who like melodic hardcore this is a must have.

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