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Deep into lockdown, Frank pulled out Bernie Grundman's original 24 track masters of the "In A Minor Mode" EP, digitizing and exploring the original multitrack recordings. Inspired by newly rediscovered parts recovered from the editing floor, what followed was a faithful but full-blown reimagining of “Loveroom'”. Strangelove are proud to present this definitive version alongside a deep dive into “Echoe” LP favourite “Down By The Rio”. Frank's FM friendly take flipped on the B side with Frakas' trippy diced up vibe alongside a bumping beatdown version from New Zealand's finest Julien Dyne. Essential Balearic heat beat!


Matt says: Two producers revisit the jaw-dropping slices of Balearic beauty that are "Loveroom" and "Down By The Rio" with deliciously pleasant, pool-side pleasing results.


Side A
A1- Loveroom - Frankie's Deluxe Mix
A2- Down By The Rio - Frankie's Deluxe Mix

Side B
B1- Down By The Rio - Frakas Mix
B2- Down By The Rio - Julien Dyne Mix

From his ‘FAT’ Studio near the central Swedish town of Örebro, Sjunne Ferger crafted a small but radical legacy of genre bending music. With an open minded ‘anything goes’ attitude born from his jazz roots, compiled here are songs charting a transition from fusion beginnings via his debut 7″ with group ‘Exit’ through to a more blissful synthetic sound palette. Across the album’s 7 songs Sjunne’s heady musical optimism aspired to an aesthetic that moved freely between drum machines & synths to more organic instrumentation with rich arrangements never losing sight of a light ethereal feel. Hypnotic ambient pieces written for short film swirl amongst the electronic & electrified- unreleased versions of ‘Destiny’ and ‘Candlelight’ hint at his sound to come, while the album culminates in the highlights ‘Night Rituale’ and ‘Childrens Mind’ -Intoxicating mixes of Sjunne’s influences & inspiration, they unknowingly hint at Mkwaju Ensemble and other key Japanese contemporaries, and bear witness to the Swede’s deep Eastern philosophical outlook. Retaining his own unique sound throughout, ‘Childrens Mind’ is a primer for Sjunne Ferger’s ‘Mindgames’ LP reissued on Strangelove later in 2021.


A1. Awakening
A2. Romance
A3. Night Rituale
B1. Beginners Mind
B2. Childrens Mind
B3. Destiny (alternative)
B4. Candlelight (alternative)

Strangelove’s latest release turns left somewhere near the edge of the Atlantic, with Electricidade Estética” documenting a vibrant window into the musical landscape of 1980’s counter-culture Portugal. Compiling early un-issued works, Dwart’s organic Ash-Ra Balearics meld with spikey Iberian electronics, coalescing around the floating beauty of ‘Mate’, reissued for the first time on vinyl. With emergent music technologies of the era enthusiastically adopted by Lisbon’s avante-garde, there was a collective desire by Dwart and their contemporaries to push existing sonic boundaries;- Post new wave sounds melded with distinctive local sensibilities. Vítor Rua & Jorge Lima Barreto of the legendary Telectu (whom Antoñio currently tours with) were regular collaborators while composer/ guitarist Nuno Rebelo and guitarist/singer Bernardo Devlin feature throughout. Antoñio & Manuela Duarte’s search for an artistic language melded a continuing curiosity with aural and physical dualities: experimental pop integrated with performance art, mathematics sound-tracked on canvas, organic found sounds at ease alongside synthetic drum machines. The 9 songs found here document the early emergence of their own ‘Electricidade Estética’


A1. Aqua Alta
A2. Mate (remastered)
A3. Synesthesia (live)
A4. Electro Maga
B1. Opala
B2. Swing Da Rocinha
B3. Po Das Estrelas
B4. Keep In Touch
B5. Electro Maga (reprise)

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