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Wyatt E

āl Bēlūti Dār

    : āl bēlūti dārû (“The Eternal City” in Akkadian language) features two 19 minutes tracks recorded in our Karl-EhmannStrasse home studio, mixed by doom godfather Billy Anderson (Sleep, Om, Melvins,...) and mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx. The composition of the album results of a challenging use of techniques and instruments never used by the band before: Saxophones, Saz, an unusual use of voices, effects and percussions. 2 drum kits have been tracked simultaneously during most of the album to create some sort of messy vibration coming from a huge crowd. A-side Mušḫuššu (Name of Marduk’s sacred animal) is a well-balanced track driven by a bass groove & featuring Y. Tönnes on the saxophone, ending up in a traditional acoustic outro. B-side Šarru Rabu (“The Great King”) is a military march and shows the band at its best in terms of slowly building up layers to a climax and starting all over again until the final sonic explosion.



      Stolen Body are super stoked to announce the addition of French Psych/World rockers Gondhawa to our ever evolving roster.

      Gondhawa is a musical laboratory - a fusion between Fela Kuti’s groove and Hendrix’s electricness.

      Formed in 2018 in Angers (France) by Idriss (vocals and guitar), Clément (drums) and Paul (bass), the band explores different styles with a boundless energy. Inspired by French sci-fi literature, they invented a language. Outcomes Gondhawii, a fusion of sounds from all over the world and others as yet unidentified. With this new language the whole mind immerses into a delicious trance where we cross odd rhythms, quarter-tone riffs, oriental groove and electric explosions as well as stringed instruments from other countries. (n'goni, sanxian, microtonal guitar)

      Gondhawa release their first album, “Kâampäla”. Six powerful and eclectic tracks dipped in stoner, afrobeat and progressive rock. Six tracks linking convoluted rhythms and inventive riffs.

      Through the micro-tonal groove of Raba Dishka, the Afrobeat Stoner power of Käampâla, or the softness of Djoliko, a beautiful ballad lulled by the melancholy of acoustic strings from around the world, Gondhawa delivers the soundtrack of an interstellar road movie. An electric tornado with an abundance of rhythms and textures.


      1. Raba Dishka
      2. Konesay
      3. Kâampäla
      4. Assid Bubu
      5. Fortun Q'ki
      6. Djoliko

      King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

      Live In Adelaide '19

        Live at Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia, July 12th 2019

        Recorded by our sound crew:
        Sam Joseph, Stacey Wilson

        Drums: Michael Cavanagh
        Guitar / Keys: Cook Craig
        Harmonica / Vocals / Keys / Percussion: Ambrose Kenny-Smith
        Vocals / Guitar / Keys: Stu Mackenzie
        Drums: Eric Moore
        Bass: Lucas Harwood
        Guitar / Vocals: Joey Walker
        Adam Halliwell: Flute on Hot Water and Head On/Pill

        Mixed by Stu Mackenzie
        Cover design by Jason Galea


        1. Evil Star 
        2. Planet B 
        3. Mars For The Rich 
        4. Venusian 1 
        5. Cyboogie 
        6. Real?s Not Real 
        7. Hot Water
        8. Open Water 
        9. Sleep Drifter 
        10. Billabong Valley 
        11. The Bird Song 
        12. Inner Cell 
        13. Loyalty 
        14. Horology 
        15. Plastic Boogie 
        16. Organ Farmer 
        17. Self-Immolate 
        18. Head On/Pill 

        King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

        Live In Asheville 2019

          Live at New Belgium Brewing Company, Asheville, NC, USA, September 1st 2019

          Recorded by our sound crew: Sam Joseph, Stacey Wilson and Gaspard Demulemeester


          1. Evil Star (Live In Asheville '19)
          2. Self-Immolate (Live In Asheville '19)
          3. Venusian 1 (Live In Asheville '19)
          4. Alter Me III (Live In Asheville '19)
          5. Altered Beast IV (Live In Asheville '19)
          6. People-Vultures (Live In Asheville '19)
          7. This Thing (Live In Asheville '19)
          8. Beginner?s Luck (Live In Asheville '19)
          9. Rattlesnake (Live In Asheville '19)
          10. Cyboogie (Live In Asheville '19)
          11. Loyalty (Live In Asheville '19)
          12. Horology (Live In Asheville '19)
          13. Boogieman Sam (Live In Asheville '19)
          14. Plastic Boogie (Live In Asheville '19)
          15. Mars For The Rich (Live In Asheville '19)
          16. Hell (Live In Asheville '19)
          17. The Lord Of Lightning (Live In Asheville '19)
          18. The Bitter Boogie (Live In Asheville '19)

          King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

          Teenage Gizzard

            Tracks 1-8 recorded some time in 2010 in Angelsea, Victoria, Australia
            Tracks 9+10 recorded some time in 2011 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia

            Mixed by Stu Mackenzie
            Cover Design by Ahmad Oka

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Hey There
            2. Ants And Bats
            3. Sleep
            4. Summer
            5. Eddie Cousin
            6. Fried
            7. Good To Me
            8. Tomb/Beach
            9. Trench Foot
            10. Life Is Cool

            Yo No Se


              Yo No Se return after a 5-year hiatus since their last album, Soma. Their new album Terraform continues on from the dystopian world created in Soma but this time taking the narrative to the stars. Terraform explores the ideas of making a fresh start on another planet but the same problems creep in…. Greed, corruption and hate. Exploring more of a grunge feel along with some hard psych the band recorded with Dom Mitchison (as well as Alex doing guitars and vocals at home), mixed with Ali Chant and mastered again with grunge godfather, Jack Endino. The band have toured across Europe in support of Soma in the last 5 years and gained a reputation for their loud and energetic shows. The album has 3 drummers under its belt and countless breakdowns on the road. With the pandemic kicking in just as the band started touring, they had plenty of time to finally record (and find another drummer). Terraform is a record 5 years in the making due to sheer bad luck. Hopefully, their luck will change as the band are already working on their follow up record.

              The first single Black Door approaches the subject of corruption amongst 'leaders'. The idea comes from Boris Johnson getting Brexit 'done' to forward his own career without thinking about the impact it will have on peoples lives. We’ve had enough and we're ready to tear down the establishment. The idea being that these problems we now face will follow us wherever we go unless we stamp them out, here, on earth. The artwork for the cover is by renowned sci-fi artist Bruce Pennington.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Black Door
              2. Santa Muerte
              3. Pilot
              4. Misery
              5. Mosquito
              6. Slaughter
              7. Hairy Chin
              8. Feast Of Lies
              9. Hold Fire
              10. Nectar
              11. Terraform



                SLIFT return with their phenomenal space rock album, UMMON. Composed during endless tours across Europe in 2019, conceived as the soundtrack of an imaginary film; UMMON is a dreamlike odyssey staging the Titans, their exile to the outer reaches of space in search of their creators and the return of the Titan Hyperion to Earth.

                Beyond music and lyrics, it's about "all these questions to which we'll never have answers", which dig their furrows in the humans heart.

                « For sulfur guitar lovers, Prog from beyond the grave and blip blup blop of old synthesizers. Blitzkrieg fuzz and geyser Free. Bass escaping from the Minas Morgül's dungeons, and Nostromo’s drums travelling at the speed of light. Vicious solos and assassins bends. Acid krautrock and cosmic-comics jazz. There are distant echoes and reveries, celestial choirs illuminating space. And r r e e p p e e t t i i t t i i o o n n. Ancestral voices and ancient extraterrestrial rites. Abyssal doom and apocalyptic noise. There's chaos. And there's silence. »

                The three guys come from Toulouse, south of France, and their first EP was released in June 2017 via Howlin Banana (fr) and Exag 'records (be). His name is Space Is The Key. Inspired by Alain Damasio's science fiction novels and the work of French illustrator Pierre Ferrero.

                In September 2018, they released "La Planète Inexplorée", (Stolen Body Records) with the engineer/producer and guru of the French garage sound, Lo Spider. The album was mastered by producer Jim Diamond (The GO, Fleshtones, Sonics, White Stripes ..) king of the regretted Ghetto recorder in Detroit. 

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Ummon
                2. It’s Coming…
                3. Thousand Helmets Of Gold
                4. Citadel On A Satellite
                5. Hyperion
                6. Altitude Lake
                7. Sonar
                8. Dark Was Space, Cold Were The Stars
                9. Aurore Aux Confins
                10. Son DÔng’s Cavern
                11. Lions, Tigers And Bears

                Al Lover

                Cave Ritual Redux

                  For those who aren’t already familiar with the workings of Al Lover then allow Stolen Body Records to introduce you to this exceptional, experimental producer from San Francisco – who has been gaining much notoriety for his melding of contemporary past garage and psychedelic rock into harsh yet spacey abrasive beats. Influenced as much by The 13th Floor Elevators as DJ Shadow, Al Combines crunchy drums, shaky percussion, chopped samples and layers of textured effects to create an unexplored path for psychedelic music, offering an earthy and loose approach that sounds more like you’re listening to a DMT fueled psych band than a beat made on an MPC.

                  Cave Ritual Redux exhibits Al Lover re-inventing his already unique style by adding a new dimension to his previous album Cave Ritual released at the end of last year. With this offering, Al Lover takes older ideas and reinvigorates them with new textures, layers, imagination and creates a new body of mind altering work.



                    Introducing your favourite new 3 piece: Abjects, a new London trio who have been winning over fans all over the world with an impressive set of edgy garage tunes, perky bass-lines washed over with lashings of jagged and disjointed guitar work. Hotly tipped by Manchester’s PINS - who released their debut EP ‘Fast Love’ (Haus of Pins) - Abjects have been a prominent garage punk band in the London live circuit since their emergence in 2013. Self-sufficient and capable, they’ve created their own scene, put on their own nights, designed their own merch – fully immersing themselves with the DIY ethos which allowed them to be picked out by the likes of Jon Spencer & the Blues Explosion, Mikal Cronin, Shannon and the Clams, The Coathangers or the larger than life Fat White Family. Their latest offering comes from their ‘Gone’ EP with lead single ‘Gone’.

                    Recorded by rising starlet producer Syd Kemp - which is to be released on Stolen Body Records (Brown Brogues, Thee MVP’s & more) on May 11th 2015 both digitally and on limited edition 12” vinyl. Influences on the band come in the form of The Shangri-las, The Slits, Lydia Lunch, The Stooges and Sonic Youth. With such potent esteemed artists helping to sculpt their sound it is clear to see where Abjects gather their signature clout.

                    Fruit Tones

                    Some Strange Voodoo

                      Stolen Body’s first 7” release comes from Manchester garage'n'surf rock band Fruit Tones. The 4 track EP shows off the bands ability to morf garage rock, tropical pop and surf beautifully while keeping a raw rock'n'roll feel to everything.

                      They have featured on several compilations which have been incredibly recieved. They have also previously released a split tape with Death Cats on Scottish label Fuzzkill Records which is now sold out. Stolen Body is happy to release the EP on limited edition colour vinyl. Limited to 500 copies (Coloured - Yellow with black splatter)

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