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Following on from his standout debut EP with Steel City Dance Discs back in 2021, Galway’s gold-toothed prince is now set to be crowned with the arrival of “Fallen Angel”, KETTAMA’s second EP via Steel City Dance Discs. Having gained colossal momentum during the Irishman’s unrelenting touring schedule, the anticipation surrounding this release is palpable, and is now finally imminent.

KETTAMA has reached a perfect crescendo with “Fallen Angel”; a potent six-track serving of intricately engineered sounds, as the producer bleeds notes of 90s trance and soul into pulsating, percussion ladened grooves and grueling bass, resulting in a deeply contagious melting pot of sound.

“1997” sets the wheels in motion for this project, as KETTAMA blends a soulful vocal sample with rising chords and an implacable drum pattern: a masterfully coordinated balance that remains consistent throughout the duration of this EP. Initially released as a single, title track “Fallen Angel” plays testimony to this remedy, with its delicate vocals and piano accompaniment, which are carefully woven into the fabric alongside a sonorous bassline.

“Fly Away XTC” is the diamond-plated lead-track from the EP, with anticipation for its release reaching new heights after a successful series of tests on the tour. The track blatantly showcases KETTAMA’s defining characteristics, as the producer bleeds ethereal vocals and masterful percussion into the fold, while the featured G-TOWN remix is driven by a series of piercing rave stabs and gut-hurdling bass. The otherworldly nature of Fly Away XTC is set to be further echoed on screen too, with a music video directed by Hugh Mulhern, who has previously worked for the likes of Fontaines DC and Hak Baker, set to explore themes of extraterrestrial beings and pagan practices within a rural setting in KETTAMA’s native Ireland.

Having been released as a single two months prior to the full EP, “Feeling Emotions” ignited the flame for "Fallen Angel", ultimately laying the foundations for the eagerly-anticipated project that would follow. The track again reinforces the unfailing relationship between entrancing vocal samples and a boundless drum pattern, something that is then echoed and mastered in the colossal closing track, “Found My Angel”.

“Fallen Angel” is a body of work that not only epitomizes the ever-evolving nature of KETTAMA’s sound, but also provides us with an insight into the potential trajectory and direction of one of Ireland’s most promising exports. It is an omnipotent powerhouse of sound, a perhaps generation-defining project that is fueled by nostalgia, and charged by a wildly forward-thinking personality, unveiling something undeniably timeless.


Matt says: Techno's current poster boy continues to fire on all cylinders for what has become his spiritual home - Steel City Dance Discs. The Newcastle (Australia) label has also rightfully become somewhat of a flag bearer for the modern scene. With records like this it's easy to get the hype...


A1. Fly Away XTC 
A2. Fly Away XTC (G-Town Mix) 
A3. 1997 
B1. Feeling Emotions 
B2. Found My Angel 
B3. Fallen Angel 

Making their debut appearance on Steel City Dance Discs, Clouds, an irrefutable powerhouse of sound consisting of Liam Robertson and Calum Macleod, exercise their intensely unapologetic musical personality with their latest venture with Mass Hysteria, for SCDD040.

The Scottish duo have become recognized for their heavenly balance of euphoric soundscapes, ladened with break-neck percussion, ecstasy-induced melodies and rupturing drum patterns. All of these highly characteristic elements are found in Mass Hysteria; an EP that highlights the hard-edged nature of Clouds’ ever-evolving style.

Mass Hysteria is a five-piece project that is nothing short of atomic. Typically energy-fueled, the duo coordinate a masterful blend of hard-hitting, four-to-the-floor basslines: a seemingly perfect marriage for an EP that sets the listener deep into a cosmic whirlwind of electronic emotions.


Matt says: It seems like each week we're treated to another wreckin' ball of techno destruction from Australia's Steel City Dance Discs. You might remember Scottish duo Clouds from Soma or Turbo. Hardware heavies that do not fuck about. "Mass Hysteria" is a proper slammer, designed for huge aircraft hangers and complicated lazer arrays.


A1. Phoenix Crash
A2. Plastyx
A3. Proper Vanquisher
B1. Fate Curve (Hysteria)
B2. Crested Flair 

It's the summer of salute. The Manchester-based producer makes his debut on Steel City Dance Discs. In salute's words: '"Ultra Pool" is a selection of club tracks I started making as lockdown restrictions were being lifted and shows started rolling in again. Over the last few years, I've been revisiting a lot of the French house records I used to listen to as a teenager - I wanted to let that influence shine through as I'm a huge fan of that sound. I wanted a body of work that was both very high energy and harmony-heavy, and I think "Ultra Pool" is the perfect way to summarize where my head is at right now'.

High speed sample choppage, unrelenting nrg, voluptuous filter usage; loopier than a rollercoaster and with a grin so wide yer jaw hurts. Recommended!


Matt says: Steel City Dance Tracks continues their impeccable form with this French-house inspired offering by salute who is coincidently based right here in Manchester. High energy feels and wide-eyed grins are offered throughout "Ultra Pool".


A1. Sternenhimmel 
A2. Pleasures 
B1. Heaven 
B2. Ultra Pool 

Steel City Dance Discs presents the ‘Wonder’ EP from fast-rising Italian artist Matisa. Fresh and filled with spirit, Matisa kicks off the EP with the transcendent, IDM-meets-Bingo Beats energy of ‘Brilliantine’, where twisted modulations fuse in harmony with angelic abstract vocals. Her original ‘Eyeliner’ is a euphoric breakbeat hardcore stomper, whilst Mall Grab’s take on the same track goes in harder with jacking drums, ecstatic rave stabs and menacing bass. Closing the EP is ‘Lip Plumper’ – a hypnotic stripped-back house cut which nods to UKG. This EP represents a significant moment in Matisa’s musical journey, as she evokes a combination of discovering yourself through creative expression with losing yourself on the dancefloor.


A1. Brillantine 
A2. Eyeliner 
B1. Eyeliner (Mall Grab Remix) 
B2. Lip Plumper 

More rhythmic wrecking balls courtesy of Steel City Dance Discs who must surely be DJ Rush's go-to label of the moment when it comes to sourcing high speed technoid cannonballs. The primal and drum-orientated focus of the label, and this release in particular; harks back to that turn-of-the-millennium era when pounding beats and humming subs dictated the course of action in the aircraft hangers and warehouse of the techno scene.

Newcastle born, London based CRTB has unveiled a monster of sound with his latest venture, where the producer flexes an ungodly blend of four-to-the-floor basslines, contagious melodies and synths to create a visceral soundscape, infectious enough to cause dancefloor destruction wherever these sounds land.

From the pulsating percussion of "It Never Ends", to the rattling rapture of "Nothing Moves You"; a track that erupted in Mall Grab’s Melbourne Boiler Room set, this EP has energy coursing through its veins. This energy fuels the hypnotic sounds of "Temper", and the radioactive rhythm of "Nature Boy", where CRTB brings fellow heavy-hitter KETTAMA into the fold, resulting in an unforgiving, atomic anthem.

"Life In Exile" is an EP that sees its creator, CRTB, conduct wild, electronic experiments of sound to devastating effect.


Matt says: Another perfectly executed wreckin' ball of tribal techno power from the Steel City Dance Disc label - market leaders with an ever-expanding roster of white hot talent. I can't think of a better label releasing new techno at the moment.


A1. It Never Ends 
A2. Nature Boy (ft. Kettama) 
B1. Nothing Moves You 
B2. Temper 

Spanish duo JP Sunshine and Guim return with a full collaborative EP, "Toc De Breaks", released on Steel City Dance Discs.

Coordinating a masterful blend of bass-fuelled instrumentals, future-vox and soaring through the sky atmospheres, "Toc De Breaks" combines jagged, wall-shaking breakbeats with bouncy, optimistic hooks which make it perfect for your next festival or outdoor rave. 

Daniel 2000's remix of "La Fiesta" sees him hit the 303s for a acidic mainliner with of pounding kicks and wild perx. Meanwhile, Enxaneta's remix of "Toc De Breaks" sees a mangled Think break combine with deep sub bass plumes and elements that remind us all here of MIA's "Paperplanes" (!!!). Exceptional stuff!

RIYL: Overmono, Radioactive Man, Daniel Avery, Bicep.  


Matt says: Steel City Dance Discs continues its unrelenting onslaught of our rave bunkers and warehouses with this new signing. A big one for the Overmono fans I rek...


A1. What's <3 
A2. Toc De Breaks 
A3. JP Sunshine - I Want To Stay 
B1. La Fiesta 
B2. Toc De Breaks (Enxaneta Remix) 
B3. La Fiesta (Daniel 2000 Re-amics) 

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