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Spring King’s second album. A Better Life is both a stunning evolution from their 2016 debut, Tell Me If You Like To, and a primal, joyous, generational demand for no less than a better world. For the first time in their six-year existence, the Manchester four-piece have fully collaborated, a band no longer looking to the talismanic Tarek Musa (vocals/drums) for the central sound. A thundering procession of party-hard anthems from the newly invigorated, sonic northern powerhouse!


Barry says: It's a pretty good week for the punk revival isn't it? First with Idles' second outing and now this sleek thumper from Macc's own Spring King. Snapping snare drums and roaring overdrive pedals overlaid with two-part harmonies bound to get even the most staunch of heads bobbing. Brimming with attitude and the skills to back it up.


1. Static - Intro
2. Animal
3. Ready For War
4. Let's Drink
5. Paranoid
6. The Hum
7. Lightning - Interlude
8. Us Vs. Them
9. Echo Chamber
10. No More
11. Radioactive!
12. Have You Ever Looked Up Into The Sky?
13. Thicker Skin
14. Thunder

Spring King

Tell Me If You Like To


Whipping up a frenetic, fun-filled brew of surf pop and garage rock, this Manchester quartet have been creating quite a stir with a handful of great 7" singles and high octane live shows over the last few months.

"Tell Me If You Like To", is their debut album and it's choc full of garage-punk gems (including their three 7" single tracks) as you'd expect - think The Ramones covering The Beach Boys, OD-ing on Haribo's!
"the most promising band of 2016" (NME)


Barry says: Rousing and anthemic rock from the sunny shores of Manchester. Gnarly hooks and 3-part harmonies permeate the churning rhythm section. Pounding, triumphant punk-tinged rock and roll. A superb outing from Spring King, and if only an insight into what's to come, a bright future is ahead. Great stuff.


1. City
2. Detroit
3. Who Are You?
4. It's So Dark
5. Take Me Away
6. Demons
7. Rectifier
8. Tell Me If You Like To
9. The Summer
10. Heaven

Bonus Tracks - Deluxe CD Only
11. Let's Ride
12. Better Man
13. Mumma
14. They're Coming After You
15. Let's Ride - Live At Maida Vale

Spring King

Who Are You?

    For fans of The Beach Boys and the Ramones. Pop with raw energy and garage sensibilities.

    7” includes vinyl-only B-side ‘Lanterns’.

    Collage artwork by Manchester based duo Dr Me.

    Self-produced and mixed by singing drummer Tarek Musa and released on their own Highs & Lows label.

    Spring King

    Mumma / Mumma II

    One winter morning after a sleepless night, young producer Tarek Musa set up a drumkit and a Marshall practice amp in a disused broken bathroom in his home in Wilmslow, Greater Manchester. By the end of that same day, he'd recorded 'Let's Ride' and released it online under the alias Spring King to an overwhelmingly positive response. A short, sharp garage sound adapted for multiple vocals.

    Over the course of the next three months, his philosophy became one of writing, recording and mixing each song in a day in his ramshackle bathroom studio. Very quickly he amassed an overwhelming amount of songs and decided to release a ten track demo tape online entitled 'In All This Murk And Dirt'.

    Initially, Spring King was a diary entry, a way of capturing a moment, to catalogue the thoughts and feelings of that day. Now, joined by four friends (Peter Darlington – guitar/vocals, Anna B Savage – keys/vocals, Andy Morton – guitar, James Green – bass, with Tarek himself on drums/vocals), Tarek feels differently. They're still recording in the bathroom, but they're deep into making their debut album proper, a more carefully considered, concentrated effort.

    The first track to emerge from this new approach is 'Mumma'. Inspired by the phrase 'she must have got it from her mother' overheard from a conversation one evening, a story and narrative began to develop about a girl struggling with addiction, at first set to piano but now against a backdrop of anthemic drums and searing guitars. It showcases the band's new approach to production, but maintains the fuzzy, eccentric character that defines Spring King's sound. All that from a bathroom in the north of England.

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