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Live In Cuxhaven 1976

    Mute and Spoon Records present 'Live In Cuxhaven 1976', the third album of the curated Can live concert series. Available in full for the first time on blue vinyl, CD and digitally.

    Originally recorded on tape, this carefully restored live album comprises the 1976 show in the format of a story with a beginning, middle and end, bringing CAN’s performance to life. The series was overseen by founding member Irmin Schmidt and producer/engineer René Tinner, who delicately worked on restoring the archival recordings to the best quality for current modern technology.

    These albums have been released alongside a succession of interviews discussing the band’s live shows. The YouTube series comprise interviews with journalist/author Pascal Bussy, Mute’s Daniel Miller, music critic Nick Kent, Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, and Andy Hall and René Tinner who were both involved with recording Can’s live shows.


    1. Cuxhaven 76 Eins
    2. Cuxhaven 76 Zwei
    3. Cuxhaven 76 Drei
    4. Cuxhaven 76 Vier


    Live In Brighton 1975

      “Live In Brighton 1975” is the second album of a curated series of CAN live concerts. Available in full for the first time on triple vinyl, double CD and digitally. Originally recorded on tape, this carefully restored live album comprises the entirety of the show in the format of a story with a beginning, middle and end, bringing CAN’s performance to life. Limited edition triple Gold vinyl in triple gatefold sleeve plus a 2CD edition in card pack with 16 page booklet, both with extensive sleeve notes.


      Barry says: There's not much I can tell you here that you won't already know.. this is the second wonderfully pressed collection from Can of live performances following 'Live In Stuttgart' that was released in May. There are very few musicians that could pull off this level of out-there musicianship, and this is a wonderful and accurate document of their live legacy. Essential.


      A1 Brighton 75 Eins
      A2 Brighton 75 Zwei
      A3 Brighton 75 Drei
      B1 Brighton 75 Vier
      B2 Brighton 75 Fünf
      C1 Brighton 75 Sechs
      C2 Brighton 75 Sieben


      Live In Stuttgart 1975

        Live in Stuttgart 1975 is the first of a curated series of Can live concerts available in full for the first time on vinyl, CD and digitally. Originally recorded on tape, these carefully restored live albums will comprise the entirety of each show in the format of a story with a beginning, middle and end, with Can’s performances taking on a life of their own.
        Available on triple vinyl and double CD. 


        Barry says: There's really not much that can be said about live Can material that you wouldn't already know, but it's safe to say that this sounds superb and is the perfect recreation of a perfectly sculpted live Can show from the comfort of your own home. An intoxicating and transportive collection, and an essential document of one of the greatest Krautrock pioneers in the biz.


        A1 Stuttgart 75 Eins
        A2 Stuttgart 75 Zwei
        B1 Stuttgart 75 Drei (Part 1)
        B2 Stuttgart 75 Drei (Part 2)
        C1 Stuttgart 75 Drei (Part 3)
        C2 Stuttgart 75 Vier
        C3 Stuttgart 75 Fünf

        1 Stuttgart 75 Eins
        2 Stuttgart 75 Zwei
        3 Stuttgart 75 Drei
        4 Stuttgart 75 Vier
        5 Stuttgart 75 Fünf

        Irmin Schmidt

        Nocturne (Live At The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival)

          Live album from legendary founder of CAN.

          Nocturne (live at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival) comprises three pieces performed live on a partly prepared piano, along additional pre-recorded soundscapes.

          The live performance of ‘Klavierstück II’ is a pensive improvisation using essential elements of the original piece.

          ‘Nocturne’ starts with the ambient sounds whilst the piano seemingly melts into the soundscape and eventually grows into a long meditative piano solo.

          ‘Yonder’ is a much more dramatic piece, dominated by the overwhelming sounds of church bells, a sort of “dies irai”, radical, emotional and fiercely poetic.


          Klavierstück II


          Ege Bamyasi - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

            Can was founded in 1968 by Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli and Jaki Liebezeit who formed a group which would utilise and transcend all boundaries of ethnic, electronic experimental and modern classical music.

            'Ege Bamyasi’ drops the haze and hits with a sharp pang from the get-go. Often described as the "tense" Can album, Ege Bamyasi is actually the band at its most focused, bolstered in part by the surprisingly good performance of the single "Spoon", the proto synth-pop (or synth-rock) song was used as the theme to a popular German television show. The album most famously includes, "Vitamin C", according to Pitchfork it’s “…still the best funk ever to come out of Europe.”

            Can’s powerful influence has never diminished, and their indelible mark is apparent in the bands who freely acknowledge their importance - from Portishead, James Murphy, New Order, Factory Floor, Public Image Ltd, Mogwai, Kanye West (who sampled ‘Sing Swan Song’) and Radiohead - as well as across other disciplines such as visual art and literature.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1 Pinch
            A2 Sing Swan Song
            A3 One More Night
            B1 Vitamin C
            B2 Soup
            B3 I’m So Green
            B4 Spoon


            Flow Motion

              Originally released in 1976, this album features their chart 'hit' single, the cosmic disco infused "I Want More". A diverse album which was actually Can's most commercially successful album.


              Future Days

                Originally released in 1973, "Future Days" was probably the most balanced albums from these Krautrock legends. Dreamy and pulsating cosmic music with more melodic overtones compared to their earlier albums. From the glorious opening rumblings of the title track through to the epic hazy transcendence of the 20 minute closer "Bel Air" this was Can at the height of their powers. An essential album!


                Ege Bamyasi

                  Recorded in their own Inner Space Studio in 1972, this was yet another landmark krautrock moment. Following on from the genius "Tago Mago" album was never going to be easy, but this was Can working at their peak. Another classic album featuring the genius shuffling drum beat of Jaki Liebezeit, the rhythmic grooves the towering kosmic guitars and experimental almost free-jazz approach. In a word this is magnificent, every home should have one!!!!!



                  For their second album Can decided to release a collection of tracks that they had recorded in 1969 and 1970 for movies. Surprisingly considering that these tracks also feature different vocalists they gel into a cohesive album very well. Malcolm Mooney the original vocalist had a breakdown and returned to America and he was replaced during this time by the enigmatic Damo Suzuki. A sometimes overlooked album this is an essential groove laden krautrock classic.

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