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Freaking Out

    Lowlives isn’t so much about carefully stoking the embers as pouring on gasoline with merry impetuosity. With vocalist Lee Downer and drummer Luke Johnson soon joined by guitarist Jaxon Moore and bassist Steve Lucarelli, the nascent band was founded on a shared love of ‘90s alternative and grunge, and a shared desire to make music once more for little more than the love of doing so.

    Debut album Freaking Out, set for release in May 2024 via Spinefarm Records, arrives imbued with that same such spirit. The intervening years have, after all, been above all about nurturing exactly that, first through jam sessions at Luke’s home studio and latterly fledgling adventures on the road.

    Freaking Out is, above all, the distillation of what Lowlives is truly about. It’s rock music to make you fall in love with rock music all over again. ‘I thought by now I’d have the answers / Or the power to save my soul,’ Downer sings on the impassioned ‘Closer Than You Know’. Lowlives might not hold that key, but it’s the spark that he and Johnson have been missing in their lives, and looking for all along. Let it in, and you might find it’s the same for you, too.

    FOR FANS OF: Teenage Wrist, The Dirty Nil , Superbloom, Alice In Chains, Nirvana.


    1. Freaking Out
    2. Liar
    3. Getting High On Being Low
    4. Swan Dive
    5. Loser
    6. You Don’t Care
    7. Out Of Step
    8. Closer Than You Know
    9. Damien
    10. Vertigo

    Death From Above 1979

    Is 4 Lovers

      The first new music since their 2017 release, Outrage! Is Now, Death From Above 1979 return with the unmistakably DFA album ‘Is 4 Lovers’. 


      1. Modern Guy
      2. One + One
      3. Free Animal
      4. N.Y.C. Power Elite Part I
      5. N.Y.C. Power Elite Part 2
      6. Totally Wiped Out
      7. Glass Homes
      8. Love Letter
      9. Mean Streets
      10. No War

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