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"The Sour Grapes Compilation" is a collection of 12 songs by bands that have performed at one of the deranged Squeeze nights at Big Hands Bar. One side is a heavy dose of quick paced punk and blues where the other is a slow slope into psychedelia and local garage rock. Compiled over the UK lockdown months, this long awaited record is a tribute to the European toilet circuit, with a % of all sales going to help out Big Hands' recovery. 

If you want a taste of Manchester's beer stained, dirty denimed underbelly, here's twelve (count 'em!) bands that you might not necessarily know yet but are busy making a mad racket week in week out across our rainy city. 

Pressed on red vinyl and seriously limited in number. A brilliant snapshot of the live scene at one of Manchester's most infamous music spots. Who remembers The Libertine's afterparty there?!  


1. Thee MVPS - A Song For Coumcillor
2. The Cosmics - Cundy Get Down
3. Teeff - Captain Vere
4. Shredd - In My Head
5. Bones Shake - Unwell
6. Gardenback - Word Of Mouth

7. Slift - Altitude Lake
8. Farfisa - Seven Suns
9. Sioux Poppy Seeds
10. The Big Peach - Rock N Roll
11. Freez - Waiting For 
12. The Slaughter House Band - I Hate TV But...

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