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Idris Muhammad

Turn This Mutha Out

    I'm gonna give Soul Brother the highest of fives on everyone's behalf for this one! The respected reissue specialists treat us to an all time classic this week, delivering a much needed reissue of Idris Muhammad's jazz-funk classic "Turn This Mutha Out". Originally released on Kudu in 1977 and produced by the mighty David Matthews, the LP found favour amongst disco, jazz, funk and soul fans, not least in the UK where "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This" became an undisputed classic. Driven to the heart of the dancefloor by an Idris and Wilbur Bascomb rhythm section, the LP sparkles thanks to soaring, searing solo work from Mike Brecker on Tenor Sax, Hiram Bullock on Guitar and Cliff Carter on Synthesizer while Frank Floyd's vocals are the cherry on top. If you know it, you need it. If you don't, your education awaits...


    1. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
    2. Camby Bolongo
    3. Turn This Mutha Out
    4. Tasty Cakes
    5. Crab Apple
    6. Moon Hymn
    7. Say What

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