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Following up the "Ambivalent" album from Satoshi earlier this year, these mix out sessions feature Soichi Terada and Kuniyuki on edit and remix duties.

"Coastlines" is reconstructed by Soichi Terada as a house track in his own recognizable style, expanding the positive and light dance music appeal of the original. Kuniyuki made two new versions of the track "After New Dawn". Version 1 is a beat-down version that melds the ambience and beautiful melody of Kuniyuki's view of the world, while Version 2, with its percussion, piano, and dubby guitar, will fill up your lacrimal glands. As always from these cats, its an expansive, vivid and cinematic vision of deep house; clear as crystal waters and with an unmatchable purity. Recommended! 


Matt says: Buoyant, purist deep house music that benefits from the expansive undulations of Benedek and Kuniyuki.


Satoshi - Coastlines (Soichi Terada Edit)
Satoshi & Makoto Feat. Benedek & Kuniyuki - After New Dawn (Kuniyuki Vers 1)
Satoshi & Makoto Feat. Benedek & Kuniyuki - After New Dawn (Kuniyuki Vers 2)

Soichi Terada & Masalo

Diving Into Minds / Double Spire

Soichi Terada & Masalo team up to produce club mixes of tracks from Soichi's highly acclaimed "Asakusa Light" album.

"Diving Into Minds" is given even more umph, pushed forward with multiple layers of rhythms, be it articulately programmed congas or aggressive 909 snares. "Double Spire" is equally ramped up, it's Italo-influenced origins given extra sparkle whilst the arrangement heads straight for the mainroom with active lasers and strobe lights primed for use across this big rig smasher! Really tasty tweaks that'r more than essential for your casual Terado fanboy and likely to do serious damage in the club too. Do not sleep! 


Diving Into Minds (Club Mix)
Double Spire (Club Mix)

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