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Braxe + Falcon

Step By Step EP

    We know now that Smugglers Way is a new project by Alain and Stéphane Quême, or Alan Braxe and DJFalcon - the indisputable architects of the French Touch - the emotive house music conjured from looped samples with an inimitable Gallic flare that emerged from Paris in the mid-90s. Behind those two names you'll find the legendary acts of Stardust and Together - responsible for tracks like "Music Sounds Better With You", "So Much Love To Give" & "Together".

    Now, as the pair mature into middle age, they've slowed down the tempo on their inimitable formular. The release represents a sublime distillation of their shared musical essence, a revelatory realization and a compelling expansion only conceivable for them at this point in time.

    It opens with ‘Step By Step’, featuring Animal Collective's Panda Bear, an ecstatic celebration of Balearic joy, met with a French Touch production aesthetic; as if Braxe’s "In Love With You" had been baking on the playa for a quarter of a century. The track transcends anything in the catalogues of all three artists to something completely majestic, resplendent in its glowing, lush simplicity.

    "Love Me" gallops to a satisfactory mid-session pace; loopy vox and fat synths filtered to perfection keeping us in that French state of mind. "Creative Source" deploys a tasty soul hook across the sampler pads for an almost Andres-esque beatdown jam before we settle into the cosy and intimate Balearic-pop of "Elevation", featuring modern R&B star Sunni Colon. What a trip! 


    Matt says: Brought to you by the same French Touch innovators behind Stardust and Together; it sees the formula applied to more downbeat and Balearic moods that are simply divine. Perfect for the hammock or the beach!


    Step By Step (feat. Panda Bear)
    Love Me
    Creative Source
    Elevation (feat. Sunni Colon)
    Step By Step (Bonus Beat)

    Unknown Artist

    Step By Step / Creative Source

    The inaugural release of the newly minted Smugglers Way label, these two anonymous cuts bear the mark of a master’s touch: “Step By Step” is a hypnotic summer anthem featuring a singular majestic vocalist, and “Creative Source” has the familiar euphoric rush of a perfectly uplifting 70s R&B/disco sample chopped hot and filtered nice n spicy.

    If you dug that Wreckin’ Havoc 12” from a few weeks ago – this un’s 4 U!

    Limited copies.


    Matt says: Flying off our shelves quicker than discount fuel cards, an anonymous surgeon tackles two moments of Balearic & disco bliss. The results are outstanding!


    A. Step By Step
    B. Creative Source

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