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1000 Die-cut leather structure gatefold with eight artist photo cards & insert.

"Welcome to the America Dream Reserve, home to husband & wife duos, pub legends, one-man-bands, preachers’ sons, and country-lounge entertainers..."

About: America Dream Reserve is a home for kindred souls. An hour-long journey into the world of lo-fi drumcomputer folk, disco-pop-lounge, haunting ballads, obscure vanity pressings, and synthesized string ensembles. A collaborative compilation between Charles Bals, creator of the inimitable Club Meduse, and Smiling C.

Sleeve: This is a premium edition of ADR housed in a die-cut leather structure gatefold. It comes with eight loose double-sided swappable photo cards with artist photos on both sides, and an insert with write-up about the project. Limited run.

Compiled by: Charles Bals & Henry Jones.


Micksun - Pagliocca Sad Clown
Dunn - Vision
Stan Barber - I Saw The Light In Your EyeS
Bill Welsh - So Very Long
Laura Michele - You Always Hurt The One You Love
Perry Lisa - Eye Of The Tiger
Marv Dee - Taking A Chance On Love
Mark Suzann Farmer - Waiting For The Dawn
Victoria - Bop Solo
Stu Cisco - Night Out
Fx - Things Are Not What They Seem
Harley Toberman - Thoughts In Time
Don Armstrong Victoria Garvey - Japanese Clouds
Dunn - Believe
David Marr - This Time
Ed Pat Gibson - Ode To Bill-Joe Tucker

David Horridge's unreleased bedroom studio tape material (1982).

Shortly after releasing the inimitable “Light Patterns”, David Horridge recorded a handful of demos. These sole artifacts from Dave capture the same Mancunian melancholy presented on
“Light Patterns”, and offer an insight into David’s contributing piece of the puzzle. It comes as no surprise that every track laid to tape from that era is an absolute gem.

David’s playing comes in the form of well-timed melodies and carefully placed basslines.

Nothing forced or rushed, and each movement really sits with a mood. “Journey Within” is an even more sedated, mellow effort than “Light Patterns”. The songs were perhaps even sketches for a
follow up that never manifested. The album’s greatest strength is in setting a peaceful, pastoral mood that allows for a relaxed listen all the way through. Hypnotic stuff.

The only deviation is the final song, “One Note Bossa”, which came as a surprise with its use of a drum machine. A feature that demonstrates what might have been were David have continued to
experiment and release albums...

RIYL: Durutti Column, Woo, Pat Metheny, and Steve Hiett.


A Pale Smile
At First Sight
Journey Within
Dark River
One Note Bossa

Shams Dinn

Shams Dinn

    For their first ever reissue, Smiling C connects with the Arabic rapper Shams Dinn to release a compilation his best songs, including the hit "Hedi Bled Noum". The compilation covers his entire career of with songs made between 1985-1990, most of which went unreleased at the time. One of the few Moroccan rappers to ever be recorded on vinyl back in the 80s, Shams Dinn was a pioneer of Arabic flow. Starting his career because he wanted to be a positive light for the Arabic immigrants living in France. He earned his status participating in freestyle competitions, and performing in small clubs around Europe. His career came to a turning point when he was asked by a major label to record a full LP. Unfortunately, the label decided they didn't want to promote Arabic music (largely because of the Gulf War) - and asked Shams to translate the Arabic to French. Shams Dinn wouldn't stand for that, and he was dropped from the label. The following years he worked at a school, teaching kids how to rap and express themselves through words. The reissue comes with newly imagined art, and an inner sleeve with interview and photos. 

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