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Róisín Murphy

Róisín Machine - National Album Day 2021 Edition

    Re-press of 2020’s hugely successful and critically acclaimed LP “Róisín Machine” in limited edition 2LP gatefold splatter vinyl for National Album Day 2021 release by Skint Records.

    2020’s Róisín Machine” was Murphy’s first full-length project since 2015’s Mercury Nominated “Hairless Toys” and 2016’s equally revered “Take Her Up to Monto” and perhaps her best yet if the adulatory reviews are anything to go by. The likes of Guardian and the Independent garlanded the record with Album of the Week sobriquets, while Metro, The Arts Desk, Daily Star and NME gave it a full 5 stars and everyone from Uncut to Classic Pop to Evening Standard giving breathless 4-star reviews. “Roisin Machine” was universally recognized as one of the albums of the year, further cemented by 6 (SIX!) consecutive A-list records at BBC6 and slots at Sunday Brunch and – most hallowed of all – Graham Norton where she performed “Murphy’s Law” on the premiere episode of his 28th season.


    LP 1
    Side A:
    Kingdom Of Ends
    Side B:
    Something More
    Shellfish Mademoiselle

    Side C:
    We Got Together
    Murphy’s Law
    Game Changer
    Side D:

    Gleefully jumping between late 80s synth-pop, the new boogie sounds purveyed by Gulf Point and People’s Potential Unlimited, with touches of insouciant Francophone pop and modern indie-dance, “Private Sunshine” bursts into our headspace this Autumn.

    The London native first made her mark professionally as keyboardist for New Young Pony Club, one of THE bands at the epicentre of the white hot day-glo nu rave scene alongside the likes of the Klaxons and Test Icicles in 20060. This particular offering is much more indebted to Hayter's adolescent diet of Bowie, Prince, Human League and Madonna whilst hanging loose with a plethora of modern day contemporaries (listed below).

    Full to bursting with evocative electro-soul love letters to her home town of London, alongside addictive bubblegum flavoured bursts of indie-disco. It’s like Kylie meeting Mr Fingers or Tom Nobel producing Peggy Gou – something beautiful and melancholic yet sharply modern and new.

    From the warm, woozy, lysergic harmonies of opener “Cherry on Top”, which sound like a beloved old cassette unravelling, to the fizzy, infectious “Cold Feet”, which calls to mind Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam at their most heartworn, taken in toto the album perfectly nails the essence of gorgeously nostalgic synth-pop with a twist; crisp, stylish and sophisticated music which heralds the next chapter of Lou Hayter quite nicely, actually. Her retro-futuristic results will give 2021 the pop fix it so desperately needs and if you're looking for stuff that'll coexist happily alongside Silver Linings, The Orielles, Lonelady & Crazy P on your next mixtape, then this is the surely the ticket. 


    Matt says: Lou Hayter's "Private Sunshine" thankfully arrives just in the nick of time, preventing Crazy P from getting a restraining order out on me for over-obsession and repeat listening. If you like pop-flecked & electronic indie-boogie-disco laced with sweeteners and dressed to impress – this is for you!


    Side 1
    1. Cherry On Top (3:19)
    2. Telephone (4:22)
    3. My Baby Just Cares For Me (4:56)
    4. Time Out Of Mind (3:37)
    5. Private Sunshine (4:04)
    Side 2
    1. Cold Feet (3:35)
    2. What's A Girl To Do? (4:10)
    3. Still Dreaming (4:27)
    4. This City (3:54)
    5. Pinball (3:35)

    Fatboy Slim

    You've Come A Long Way Baby - Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition

    One of Fatboy Slim's crowning glories, "You've Come A Long Way Baby" saw the Brighton luminary take the big beat grenade and detonate it overground, taking the sound to the clubs, beaches, adverts and coffee tables of Great Britain and beyond. If you were conscious in 1998 it was impossible to ignore this album, with companies queuing up to align themselves with the coolest new trend in club land. Fatboy himself used the platform to elevate his Big Beach Boutique brand - two phenomenal parties on Brighton beach (the first seeing 65K revellers, the second - 250K!!); the likes of which sadly, I doubt, we will ever see again. I can personally remember exactly where I was the first time I heard "Rockafella Skank" and to me this is up there with "Dig Your Own Hole", "Music For The Jilted Generation" and "Homework" as one of the most iconic dance music albums of the nineties. I wasn't old enough to hear the tracks in the club, but its cultural impact travelled up and down the generational ladder from everyone at high school to people's Mum's cleaning the kitchen.

    A celebratory 20th anniversary reissue as part of BMG’s ‘Art of The Album’ series showcasing seminal albums that broke new ground in concept, production, song writing, and genre, leaving a lasting legacy as a complete album work of art. Deluxe edition CD and LP format packaging including 180g gatefold vinyl, 6 page 12” roll-fold booklet (LP), 12” display art card (LP) and 28 page booklet (CD).

    Exclusive anniversary sleeve notes from Ralph Moore (Editor at Large, Mixmag) and album timeline from Damian Harris (Skint Records).
    Number one on the UK albums chart, number one in New Zealand, number two in Australia and number thirty-four on the US Billboard 200 containing four top ten singles. These tell a beautifully story much better than I can hear and really give creedence to this golden age of dance music that Norman was spearheading.

    Ranked number 81 in Q magazine's readers' poll of the "100 Greatest British Albums Ever".

    Brit Awards: Best Dance Act 1999, 2001. Brit Awards: British Single 1999 (nominee), Male Solo Artist 1999 (nominee).


    Matt says: Makin' me all teary eyed comes this 20th anniversary of THAT, seminal, big beat opus. The one that broke the sound overground, if you don't end up watching youtube videos of Brighton Beach I'll eat me slipmats...


    Right Here, Right Now 6:28
    The Rockafeller Skank 6:54
    Fucking In Heaven 3:55
    Gangster Tripping 5:20
    Build It Up - Tear It Down 5:05
    Kalifornia 5:53
    Soul Surfing 4:57
    You're Not From Brighton 5:21
    Praise You 5:24
    Love Island 5:18
    Acid 8000 7:28

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