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Skinny Pelembe

Hardly The Same Snake

    Visceral yet inherently soulful, 'Hardly The Same Snake' is the sound of the Johannesburg-born, Doncaster-raised artist Doya Beardmore finally finding his voice – both literally and figuratively. In practical terms, that involved finding the courage to foreground his gravelly baritone in these gloriously genre-agnostic productions. But it also meant branching out beyond his safety net to figure out the artist he truly wanted to be.

    As Skinny puts it today, “This album is what I would have created the first time round had I rated my own voice.” The idea of forging your own path – and shedding skin, so to speak – is integral to 'Hardly The Same Snake'. Begun pre-pandemic and completed in the spring of 2021, it’s a defiantly outward-looking record contemplating family, religion and major life milestones, from parenthood to death. Where previously Skinny relied on dream diaries as his primary lyrical resource, this time he took notes at design exhibitions, using these unfiltered observations as a jumping off point for songs. If this superb second album proves anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter how much Skinny errs on the side of self-deprecation – he remains one of the UK’s most fearlessly original voices.


    Barry says: Skinny Pelembe's latest opus takes the perfectly manicured multi-genre mashup of 2019's brilliant 'Dreaming Is Dead Now' and pushes even further outwards into euphoric neo-soul, jazz and synthwave. It's a heady mix, and one that could only be so perfectly executed by a talent like Skinny.


    Side A
    1. Same Eye Colour
    2. Hardly The Same Snake
    3. Deadman Deadman Deadman
    4. Don't Be Another

    Side B
    5. Oh, Silly George
    6. Charabanc
    7. Like A Heart Won't Beat
    8. Well, There's A First
    9. Secret Hiding Place

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