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Six By Seven

System One (RSD23 EDITION)


    Limited double coloured neon vinyl limited to 500 copies for RSD. Side A&B on magenta vinyl and Side C&D on orange vinyl. This is an album of melodic beat driven songs recorded in Chris Olley's home studio just before lockdown. The sonic driven guitars of six by seven now meet the neo-kraut grooves much more than ever before, to create an intense collection of songs which remind you of both of Can and The Cure and have a distinct heartfelt lo-fi Mark E Smith vocal. It's a big, expansive sound wrapped around Olley's trademark melancholic songwriting.


    A1. When You Decide A2. I Forgot Who I Am A3. Vitriol A4. Dangerous World B1. Pure 60 B2. What You Waiting For B3. There's A Devil In Need B4. System One B5. Your Disguise Has Worn Thin C1. I Feel It C2. Conceal My Enemy C3. Perfection C4. Ghost Songs D1. Doing What Is Right D2. Rival

    Six By Seven

    The World Loves Me And The Feeling Is Mutual

      In many ways "The World Loves Me And The Feeling Is Mutual" is the sister album to "The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual" but this record is a different beast. With the World Loves Me, Six By Seven return to the sound which gained them such great press and high accolades in the late 90's. Huge build-ups, feral guitars, and emotional lyrics are combined to create a sonic tension and release which is still unmatched by any other band claiming to be doing a similar thing. Six By Seven were making this type of music long before Sigur Ros or The National turned up. This record, perhaps more than any other, embodies this sound again


      A1. What You Say, Ain't What You Do 08:30
      A2. Carry Me Home 04:32
      A3. The Way I Wanted You 03:51
      A4. Give Us A Chance 03:04

      B1. Impress 04:09
      B2. Resurrection (I Came Alive) 16:10.

      Having formed in 1994, Six By Seven have gone through various incarnations, with the only constant being singer and composer Chris Olley. They recorded three albums for Mantra Records via Beggars Banquet - ‘The Things We Make’ (1998), ‘The Closer You Get’ (2000), ‘The Way I Feel Today’ (2002) - toured extensively, had two hit singles - ‘Candlelight’ (1998) and ‘I O U Love’ (2002) - recorded five Peel Sessions and appeared on Later With Jools Holland (December 1998). Despite heaping praise on Six By Seven’s breakthrough second album ‘The Closer You Get’, the press seemed confused as to how to categorise them. The band straddled a fine line between post-Brit Pop, British rock and a much edgier kind of punk. Inspired by The Pistols and The Stranglers as well as US bands such as Sonic Youth and Mercury Rev, Six By Seven consciously wanted to write songs that would get played on the radio, as Chris Olley explains: “We wanted to fill a gap I think, fill it with the sort of music we would like to hear and buy ourselves; sort of Captain Beefheart doing pop.”

      Mixing misanthropic lyrics with Olley’s distinctive vocal style, the music was underpinned by malevolent, slow-burning guitars, creating a menacing, dense wall of sound. Chris Olley continues; “There is a great sense of vitriol running through ‘The Closer You Get’ both musically and lyrically.” Journalist Sharon O’Connell commented in her review for Mojo; “Few bands now have the courage to make noise as meaningful as this; it’s like warming your heart against a limited nuclear strike.”


      A Beautiful Shape
      For You
      IOU Love (Single Edit)
      So Close
      Catch The Rain
      New Year
      Eat Junk Become Junk
      Bochum (Light Up My Life)
      Oh! Dear
      Always Waiting For...
      European Me (Student Radio Session)

      Nottingham’s six. by seven, released their first album, The Things We Make to rave reviews in 1998. Five Peel Sessions followed, an appearance on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ and much touring. The band gained a strong underground following, and released four more albums. Lead singer and creative force, Chris Olley preferred to shun the limelight, releasing internet only albums of wide ranging music and building valve distortion boxes for a number of famous bands with fellow guitarist, Martin Cooper. In 2011, Olley formed the drummerless version of six. by seven, macabrely named ‘The Death Of Six By Seven’ with long time original member and Hammond Organ player, James Flower and ex-six. by seven bass player, Pete Stevenson as well as Martin Cooper on guitar. Gigs followed and so did five singles and an album. After a wrong phone call to a music shop and a chance meeting in London, Olley found himself having a beer with ex Placebo / Boo Radleys drummer Steve Hewitt.

      It turned out to be a magical and divine coming together as Hewitt said, “There’s nothing for it, I should throw my drums in the car and come up to Nottingham and get you rocking again.” What followed was four months of rehearsing old songs Olley had written over the last five years, before the band recruited producer, Dan Austin (Massive Attack, Doves, Biffy Clyro) and recorded 9 tracks at the legendary Moles studio in Bath. This July sees the release of what is arguably seven’s most accomplished album. Nine songs of pure drumming dynamite, feral guitars, and a string of songs dealing with the human condition and its broken dreams. It’s a new start by a band that refuses to lie down and stop rocking.


      Standing In The Light
      The Rise And Fall And Decline Of Everything
      Fall Into Your Arms

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