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Six By Seven

Then, Now And Neil

    A double album compilation of two double CDs called: 'Neil Young's Shirt' and 'Now And Then' which were released on Bandcamp during mid 2020 and early 2021. Although Chris Olley's songwriting is obviously heavily influenced by the legendary Talk Talk albums 'The Colour Of Spring' and 'Laughing Stock', 'Then, Now And Neil', makes sure the songs and sounds are not just content with the slow burning melancholy of the Talk Talk albums, but that they build up and have the added aggression of the distinct Six By Seven post rock style which earned them such accolade in the 2000's. Although there are shorter more rocking songs and a couple of trademark lyrically twisted ballads, most of the songs on this album sound like mini-symphonies as they extended and are allowed to evolve and build into epic soundscapes. As one fan recently wrote on six by seven's Bandcamp site: "Another brilliant collection from start to finish. The whole album is just beautiful. 2020-2021 has had some of the absolute best music ever released under the name Six By Seven."


    A1. Look At You 08:00
    A2. Can You Wait? (You Sick Old Man) 12:03
    B1. Liar 06:39 B2. Spirit 12:56
    C1. Whitstable 03:27
    C2. I Can't Make You Love Me 12:50
    C3. Neil Young's Shirt 03:51
    D1. Allman Brothers (Live Transmission) 16:22
    D2. Mobile Phone 03:25

    Six By Seven

    The Way I Feel Today (RSD21 EDITION)



      500 heavyweight double coloured vinyl set (Blue & Pinky Red). Released in 2002 on Beggars Banquet, this was by far the best selling six by seven album largely due to the success of the single IOU Love, which reached number 42 in the UK charts. The album was recorded live at Rockfield Studios and mixed by Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie at Q-Division in Boston. The album is a monolithic slab of guitar rock, the type of which only six by seven could create at this time. 


       A1 So Close A2 I.O.U. Love A3 All My New Best Friends A4 Flypaper For Freaks A5 Speed Is In, Speed Is Out A6 Karen O. B1 American Beer B2 Anyway B3 The Way I Feel Today B4 Cafeteria Rats B5 Bad Man B6 Fraggle Rock. C1 Requiem For An Oil-Spill Seagull (B-Side) C2 All My New Best Friends (Demo) (B-Side) C3 So Close (Alternative Version) (B-Side) C4 Spiegel Ei Und Brot (B-Side) C5 Stop The World (B-Side). D1 Flypaper For Freaks (Live Nottingham Boatclub) D2 Speed Is In, Speed Is Out (Live Nottingham Boatclub) D3 Cafeteria Rats (Live Nottingham Boatclub) D4 IOU Love (Live Nottingham Boatclub) D5 So Close (Live Nottingham Boatclub).

      Six By Seven

      The World Loves Me And The Feeling Is Mutual

        In many ways "The World Loves Me And The Feeling Is Mutual" is the sister album to "The World Hates Me And The Feeling Is Mutual" but this record is a different beast. With the World Loves Me, Six By Seven return to the sound which gained them such great press and high accolades in the late 90's. Huge build-ups, feral guitars, and emotional lyrics are combined to create a sonic tension and release which is still unmatched by any other band claiming to be doing a similar thing. Six By Seven were making this type of music long before Sigur Ros or The National turned up. This record, perhaps more than any other, embodies this sound again


        A1. What You Say, Ain't What You Do 08:30
        A2. Carry Me Home 04:32
        A3. The Way I Wanted You 03:51
        A4. Give Us A Chance 03:04

        B1. Impress 04:09
        B2. Resurrection (I Came Alive) 16:10.

        Six By Seven

        Das Ist England

          A recent Kickstarter funded album, this was recorded at Rockfield Studios in December 2018. It's a totally unique, uncompromising and feral record for this time. The drumming is sensational and the sounds are cosmic. A bi-lingual anglo-kraut Kosmische record for 2019. It’s Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft playing NEU! with a full frontal Sonic Youth attack. Limited to just 250 copies. It has absolutely fuck all to do with Brexit. 


          Side A

          A1. War Dance
          A2. Laurie Cunningham And Cyrille Regis Are Dead
          A3. SAFE (Deine Liebe) I Can’t (Fake It)
          A4. Pissing Down (Home Is Where The Heart Is)
          A5. So Long I’ve Waited
          A6. Verschwende Deine Zeit Mit Mir
          A7. Mein Herz

          Side B

          B1. Common Prayer For The Common Man
          B2. The Zephenia Song
          B3. Set Me Free
          B4. STREIT
          B5. Am Ridderspass / Gehirnschlag ……. 

          Six By Seven

          Abstraktion 12

            Recorded live at Rockfield Studios over two days by an accomplished and unique band consisting of two drummers and two guitars and vocal, it has a sound heavily steeped in rock, minimalism and psychedelia, but even with these references, we can't think of a record out there that sounds anything like this one. In this day and age, that's a pretty hard thing to do. "I'm a punk, always have been, but only in the same sense that La Monte Young was or Jason Pierce is. You don't have to thrash out bar chords on a Les Paul to be a punk. Abstraktion 12 is the most punk record I've ever made since KluBmiX!33, but it sounds nothing like it.

            This record was abstract and unique in it's conception, it was a coming together of not just a band but also of the people who have followed the band and who joined us in the studio for the recording of the album. Having two drummers created the perfect foundation for the songs as they both play the same beats but the slight inflections and movement between them creates a constant pulsing rhythmical shift. For me it was important to be doing this album with Chris Davis, the original drummer from six by seven and someone I had grown up with in music. Without explanation he understood what was needed to make this record work. Added to this we had the technical skills of second drummer Charlie and Chris Moore on the Fender VI. Chris added a unique sound to the music and plays like no other bass / guitar player, offering only minimal tight bass lines with an occasional extra note played into the perfect pocket, just to remind you that he is there." CHRIS OLLEY 

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Mind (Head-Fuck) 13:29,

            B1. Alone 17:40,

            C1. Fade Away 4:51,
            C2. Well 9:30,

            D1. Mother Of Life 14:32,
            D2. Would You Die For Me? 4:52

            Having formed in 1994, Six By Seven have gone through various incarnations, with the only constant being singer and composer Chris Olley. They recorded three albums for Mantra Records via Beggars Banquet - ‘The Things We Make’ (1998), ‘The Closer You Get’ (2000), ‘The Way I Feel Today’ (2002) - toured extensively, had two hit singles - ‘Candlelight’ (1998) and ‘I O U Love’ (2002) - recorded five Peel Sessions and appeared on Later With Jools Holland (December 1998). Despite heaping praise on Six By Seven’s breakthrough second album ‘The Closer You Get’, the press seemed confused as to how to categorise them. The band straddled a fine line between post-Brit Pop, British rock and a much edgier kind of punk. Inspired by The Pistols and The Stranglers as well as US bands such as Sonic Youth and Mercury Rev, Six By Seven consciously wanted to write songs that would get played on the radio, as Chris Olley explains: “We wanted to fill a gap I think, fill it with the sort of music we would like to hear and buy ourselves; sort of Captain Beefheart doing pop.”

            Mixing misanthropic lyrics with Olley’s distinctive vocal style, the music was underpinned by malevolent, slow-burning guitars, creating a menacing, dense wall of sound. Chris Olley continues; “There is a great sense of vitriol running through ‘The Closer You Get’ both musically and lyrically.” Journalist Sharon O’Connell commented in her review for Mojo; “Few bands now have the courage to make noise as meaningful as this; it’s like warming your heart against a limited nuclear strike.”

            TRACK LISTING

            A Beautiful Shape
            For You
            IOU Love (Single Edit)
            So Close
            Catch The Rain
            New Year
            Eat Junk Become Junk
            Bochum (Light Up My Life)
            Oh! Dear
            Always Waiting For...
            European Me (Student Radio Session)

            Nottingham’s six. by seven, released their first album, The Things We Make to rave reviews in 1998. Five Peel Sessions followed, an appearance on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ and much touring. The band gained a strong underground following, and released four more albums. Lead singer and creative force, Chris Olley preferred to shun the limelight, releasing internet only albums of wide ranging music and building valve distortion boxes for a number of famous bands with fellow guitarist, Martin Cooper. In 2011, Olley formed the drummerless version of six. by seven, macabrely named ‘The Death Of Six By Seven’ with long time original member and Hammond Organ player, James Flower and ex-six. by seven bass player, Pete Stevenson as well as Martin Cooper on guitar. Gigs followed and so did five singles and an album. After a wrong phone call to a music shop and a chance meeting in London, Olley found himself having a beer with ex Placebo / Boo Radleys drummer Steve Hewitt.

            It turned out to be a magical and divine coming together as Hewitt said, “There’s nothing for it, I should throw my drums in the car and come up to Nottingham and get you rocking again.” What followed was four months of rehearsing old songs Olley had written over the last five years, before the band recruited producer, Dan Austin (Massive Attack, Doves, Biffy Clyro) and recorded 9 tracks at the legendary Moles studio in Bath. This July sees the release of what is arguably seven’s most accomplished album. Nine songs of pure drumming dynamite, feral guitars, and a string of songs dealing with the human condition and its broken dreams. It’s a new start by a band that refuses to lie down and stop rocking.

            TRACK LISTING

            Standing In The Light
            The Rise And Fall And Decline Of Everything
            Fall Into Your Arms

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