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Six By Seven

Das Ist England

    A recent Kickstarter funded album, this was recorded at Rockfield Studios in December 2018. It's a totally unique, uncompromising and feral record for this time. The drumming is sensational and the sounds are cosmic. A bi-lingual anglo-kraut Kosmische record for 2019. It’s Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft playing NEU! with a full frontal Sonic Youth attack. Limited to just 250 copies. It has absolutely fuck all to do with Brexit. 


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    Six By Seven

    Abstraktion 12

      Recorded live at Rockfield Studios over two days by an accomplished and unique band consisting of two drummers and two guitars and vocal, it has a sound heavily steeped in rock, minimalism and psychedelia, but even with these references, we can't think of a record out there that sounds anything like this one. In this day and age, that's a pretty hard thing to do. "I'm a punk, always have been, but only in the same sense that La Monte Young was or Jason Pierce is. You don't have to thrash out bar chords on a Les Paul to be a punk. Abstraktion 12 is the most punk record I've ever made since KluBmiX!33, but it sounds nothing like it.

      This record was abstract and unique in it's conception, it was a coming together of not just a band but also of the people who have followed the band and who joined us in the studio for the recording of the album. Having two drummers created the perfect foundation for the songs as they both play the same beats but the slight inflections and movement between them creates a constant pulsing rhythmical shift. For me it was important to be doing this album with Chris Davis, the original drummer from six by seven and someone I had grown up with in music. Without explanation he understood what was needed to make this record work. Added to this we had the technical skills of second drummer Charlie and Chris Moore on the Fender VI. Chris added a unique sound to the music and plays like no other bass / guitar player, offering only minimal tight bass lines with an occasional extra note played into the perfect pocket, just to remind you that he is there." CHRIS OLLEY 

      Six By Seven's main man Chris Olley releases the second album in his 'Twelve' electro/analogue side project. Originally started in 2000, it was intended to be a concept involving 12 songs released as six singles. "Be Careful What You Don't Wish For" sees the project taken a step further and features 15 tracks of neo krautrock and post rock comedown. This album sees Chris getting in touch with his German roots and has everything from beautiful melodic Eno-esque cello and piano instrumentals, through to Georgio Moroder's electronic repetition, krautrock inspired by 70s German bands Harmonia and Cluster, whilst also featuring some of the songwriting Chris was known for in Six By Seven.

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