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Kill Your Idols

From Companionship To Competition

    Unadulterated and unpretentious heads down hardcore from some of the masters of their art - a whirlwind of loud, crashing guitar hooks, mid pace to full tilt rhythms and raging, cynical vocals. There's maybe a touch of Discharge's direct, hammer attack aggression about this.

    Various Artists

    Eastpak Resistance Tour 2004

      26 track hardcore collection, released to coincide with this year's Eastpak Resistance tour. Features the likes of Unearth, 7 Seconds, Slapshot, Agnostic Front, No Turning Back, Knuckledust and Sick Of It All, amongst others - and if that wasn't enough, it's cheap...

      Flogging Molly

      Within A Mile Of Home

        The worthy follow up to last year's excellent "Drunken Lullabies" effortlessly picks up their trad-Irish influenced punk baton and runs with it at exuberant velocity. Their brash Pogue tinted punk rock hoedown is usefully interspersed with the now staple heartfelt ballads, giving you just enough time to get some breath back into your burning lungs before you're cudgelled into a frenzied dancing again. Acetylene party music.

        Various Artists

        Warped Tour 2004 Compilation

          The week's releases wouldn't be complete without a cheapo comp; this one brings the Warped Tour series up to date and comes courtesy of Sideonedummy. Fifty bands and fifty two tracks spread generously over a double cd featuring rare and unreleased material from Taking Back Sunday, Bad Religion, New Found Glory and Flogging Molly, amongst others...


          All Eyes, All Ears, All The Time

            The fourth lp from Boston's Piebald shows a marked progression from it's critically acclaimed predecessor, but loses none of their trademark urgency in the process; poignant lyrics being underlain by driving, off key guitar melodies...

            The Casualties

            Die Hards

              It's back to basics for NYC's The Casualties - an all out Oi style street punk kick in the face. No f**king about here - three chords and snarled vocals propelled at maximum velocity by an adrenaline rhythm section. No mess, no fuss, just pure impact - it's like 1981 all over again...ouch...

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