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Shawn Robinson / Bessie Banks

My Dear Heart / I Can’t Make It (Without You Baby)

    Two more classic tunes from the Deptford Northern Soul Club Records dancefloor. Remastered for maximum effect.

    Shawn Robinson’s ‘My Dear Heart’ was originally released on Minit in 1966. Original copies go for around £250 plus. Filled with positively glowing soul sounds underpinned by gorgeous vibes and a heady beat. Big at Wigan back in the day, a favourite of Richard Searling.

    The flipside, from 1967, is from the inimitable Bessie Banks, the hit maker of ‘Go Now’ fame. Originally released on the Verve imprint. Fired up by choppy guitar and a heavy cross mix of vibes and horns, it’s a chugger with some essential breaks for added impact.

    A triumphant anthem. 


    1. Shawn Robinson - ‘My Dear Heart’
    2. Bessie Banks - 'I Can’t Make It (Without You Baby)'

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