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Short Circuit / Bird's Eye View

Shaka is back on Local Talk with a follow-up to "The Riverwalk EP" released back in 2020. "The Bird's Eye View" continues on the same deep, soulful and uplifting house tip with waves fluttery elation and positivity flooding these fresh tracks.

There's a genuine swing to the opening track "Short Circuit" that is infectious and Shaka really gets to work on those keys - a proper Local Talk jam - no one does it better! It brings back memories of those golden years of house music when every track Strictly Rhythm classic was a classic...

"The Birds Eye View" offers a deeper and jazzier spin on the lush and spiritual house music Shaka flirts with. Again, there's an air of elevation; thoughtfully curated instrumentation and a rich musicality to this offering; the true roots of house music as an evolution from disco. If delightfully playful music is your secret crush then look no further!


Matt says: Housey vibes on Stockholm's Local Talk. Shaka has worked with Mad Mats and Tooli's label previous to this; but I think "Short Circuit" pips "Theme From The Riverwalk" just slightly - a rich and technicoloured canter that should ignite any warm up session.


A. Short Circuit
B. The Bird's Eye View

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