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Legs on Wheels are wild and restless psych/prog/punk/pop adventurers from Manchester.Elementally playful, the band administers rollicking riffs, dastardly rhythms and dreamily impressionistic interludes with pinpoint precision. Known for their carnivalesque live act, the fecund fivesome recently dropped a fever-dream of a music video, "Milktop Mandy", which is followed by this 3-track EP "Idelia".

Beginning as a one-man recording project, with a band-name bestowed by the late great Daevid Allen, Legs on Wheels has mutated, adding to its ranks a malnourished Celtic demigod, an ancient cross-dressing goblin, a four-eyed insect-eating pilot, and a business executive possessed by a ram-demon. 

Legs on Wheels will return to the stage at 33 Oldham Street on Saturday 2nd October.


Milktop Mandy
Move Closer
Apple Pie



    Mackenzie Scott currently records and performs as TORRES. She was raised in Macon, GA and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. She was also voted class clown her senior year of high school, though you’d never know it.

    ‘TORRES’ is the self-titled and self-released debut album, recorded at Tony Joe White’s home studio in Tennessee, and originally released in 2012. Subsequent albums have been released on labels such as Partisan and Merge.


    A1. Mother Earth, Father God
    A2. Honey
    A3. Jealousy And I
    B1. November Baby
    B2. When Winter's Over
    C1. Chains
    C2. Moon & Back
    C3. Don't Run Away, Emilie
    D1. Come To Terms
    D2. Waterfall

    Some Kind Of Illness

    Some Kind Of Illness

    SKOI's friendship with The Durutti Column's guitar-wielding lynchpin Vini Reilly is noticeable from the gently eddying opening bars of The Test Of Time. While Reilly himself isn't present on these recordings, his spirit and influence certainly are - songsmith Paul Hinks casts a crepuscular aura around his songs, most of which are wide-eyed melancholia most befitting a day on a deserted north-western beach or a day in bed with the curtains drawn shut. Its all-too-short running time is blissful stuff. Stars and The Light are gloom-drenched ballads to rival earlier works by Elbow, I am Kloot, Doves et al, but it's the pretty musical interludes that really hit the sweet spot. After just one earful of Maple Leaf, you'll be stopping what you're doing, slumping back in your seat and pressing repeat.


    Martin says: Apparently Vini Reilly and The Verve's Nick McCabe are big fans of this new local band. Worth a listen.

    Mat Skinner singer/songwriter delivers a blend of Folk/Americana wrapped in a gentle Northern voice, armed with guitar & harmonica he plays an acoustic ode to friendship, life, death and love. With influences from the likes of Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Jackson C Frank, Mat’s music combined with his beautiful filmic and soulful voice proves he is clearly an accomplished writer.

    If we had to pigeonhole this EP then it likely deserves a genre of its own. Welcome to the world of ‘Cinematic Northern Folk’. On ‘…with the Power of a Thousand Suns’ Mat has created a body of songs that people will be choosing as the soundtrack to their lives for many years to come.

    “This music holds such beauty, Mat Skinner warms my northern heart.” - Guy Garvey - Elbow.

    Matt Hartless is a British-Irish musician performing and recording mainly as a soloist and with his backing band, The Matchstick Ghosts. Writing music and having had lessons in Piano, Trumpet and Violin at an early age; Matt took to music more seriously when having drumming lessons and teaching himself to play the guitar at around fifteen/sixteen. As he went into his A-level years at school, Matt formed his first band, a covers band called 'The Swag' where he sang and played lead guitar with some childhood friends. They only had a few gigs then everyone went their separate ways to university.
    Matt became a lot more interested in recording his music after starting a music degree at Salford and forming a few bands with fellow students. The most prominent of these was 'Freed By Mice.' After a few gigs in Salford, Manchester and Sheffield, Matt went home to finish writing and record his first full solo album, 'Our Last Days In The Sun' upon which Freed By Mice guitarist Joe Leonard contributed a solo.
    Freed By Mice soon went on hiatus and Matt formed The Matchstick Ghosts to play songs from his album. As his second university year wore on, Matt started to write again, but with a much darker and more experimental sound. In April 2013 Matt released his first single, 'Friend Synthetic' adapted from the Freed By Mice days (but written long before) with a launch gig in Manchester.
    Problems with finding a regular bassist meant that the band was often set back and making any progress was difficult, so during May and June, Matt focused again on his solo work and at Salford University's studios recorded the majority of 'Victory,' the second album. He employed a lot more of the university's facilities, especially effects programs and hardware to create an amalgam of man and machine before mixing the whole album with friend and Matchstick Ghosts drummer, Kit Warren.
    During the next few months Matt played many small acoustic gigs in and around Manchester with his nylon string guitar and occasionally with piano when there was one to hand. After two gigs in Sheffield, The Matchstick Ghosts finally solved their bassist conundrum, at least for the near future, in Sheffield based Jacob Harrap.
    Victory was released on the 4th of October on Matt's label, Weird Affection Records.


    Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Elbow, The Specials, Streetlight Manifesto, Louis Barabbas, Frederic Chopin, Duke Ellington, Erik Satie, Porcupine Tree, Muse, Dry The River, Joy Division, Gogol Bordello, Hybrid, Jean Michel Jarre.

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