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Original Hip Hop Classics Presented By Sugar Hill Records

    Hip Hop has come a long way since it exploded onto the globe in the early 1980’s – it’s turned MC’s into global icons, given a voice to a youth movement, helped ethnic groups to cross colour lines and inspired all manner of political change and growth. Sugar Hill Records was there from the start and gave birth to Hip Hop’s first superstars. Original Hip Hop Classics presented by Sugar Hill Records presents the definitive collection of records that defined the first wave of Hip Hop to break through into the mainstream.

    Including beats and rhymes from The SugarHill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, The Furious Five, Melle Mel, The Treacherous Three and The Sequence plus ground-breaking releases such as ‘Rapper's Delight’, ‘The Message’ ‘White Lines (Don't Do It)’, ‘The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels of Steel’ and more this is a true document of one of the most exciting and pivotal musical genres of all time. 

    Bert Jansch

    Bert Jansch (2015 Remaster)


      Bert Jansch’s debut not only inspired an entire generation to pick up the guitar, it also captured this taciturn Scot’s character perfectly.

      The album was released in 1965 and has been a cornerstone of British music ever since.

      It melds the styles of blues pioneer Elizabeth Cotten and the Charles Mingus-influenced jazz inflections of the British acoustic master Davy Graham, adds all kinds of baroque complexities, and hides everything under melodic sophistication.

      Jansch’s lyrics are alternately romantic and observant, but they’re never sentimental - more than anything, ‘Bert Jansch’ is a timeless album.

      Bert wasn’t setting out to prove too much. He simply did something fantastic. Then he let people discover it in their own time.

      The album was an extension of Bert’s life in the mid 1960s, which was chaotic but through dedication and innate sympathy for the instrument he got very good, very quickly.

      The next step was to migrate to London. That’s where, in the atmosphere of austerity and excitement characterising bohemian life in the capital in the early 1960s, the adventure began.

      Fresh 2015 remaster.

      800 copies only.

      The Kinks

      Arthur (Or The Decline & Fall Of The British Empire

      Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

      The seventh studio album, originally released in 1969.

      Kinks frontman Ray Davies constructed the concept album as the soundtrack to a Granada Television play and developed the storyline with novelist Julian Mitchell. However, the television programme was cancelled and never produced.

      ‘Arthur’ was met with almost unanimous acclaim upon release in the US and UK rock press. It garnered back-to-back reviews by Mike Daly and Greil Marcus in Rolling Stone magazine's lead section. Daly rated it as “The Kinks’ finest hour” and Marcus went so far as to call it “the best British album of 1969.” Melody Maker called it “Ray Davies’ finest hour... beautifully British to the core.”

      140g vinyl.

      The Kinks

      Face To Face

        Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

        ‘Face To Face’, released in 1966, is the fourth studio album by The Kinks. A major artistic breakthrough for Kinks songwriter Ray Davies, the album represents the first full flowering of Davies’ use of narrative, observation and wry social commentary in his songs.

        Includes their third UK No. 1 ‘Sunny Afternoon’, which went to No. 12 in the UK Album Chart.

        140g vinyl.

        The Kinks


          Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

          Consisting largely of covers and revamped traditional songs, the Kinks’ self-titled album was released on 2 October 1964, reaching Number Three on the UK Charts.

          It features their massive UK Number One hit ‘You Really Got Me’, which got to No. 7 in the US and was Top 10 in Canada and Australia. Written by Ray Davies and widely acknowledged as the start of heavy rock, the track influenced everyone who followed, from Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath and even The Beatles.

          Also features ‘Stop Your Sobbing’, which was taken into the Top 40 in 1979 by The Pretenders.

          From the original sleevenotes: “Ray, the leader of The Kinks is 20 and almost 6 feet tall. He composes, listens to what the others have to say about the compositions and then they record what he originally wrote! Vocalist, rhythm guitar and harmonica player, he has very definite ideas of his own about almost everything and enjoys the occasional sulk.”

          140g vinyl.

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