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Arrival / Amma - Alternative Mixes

Remember that bullet-from-nowhere, "Sublunar Oracles" album by Trans-4AM early int year?! Here's two alternative mixes of "Arrival" and "Amma"; the former a completely unreleased version while the latter, dating back to a 1993 release on Buzz, has become a much desired track in its own right.

Another round of applause for Safe Trip then (a label feverishly collected by our resident passerine..- Ed) who've plastered these epic hits across a side of wax each!

"Arrival (Remix)" heads straight into an oceanic and expansive soundscape; with fluttering keys, loping chord sweeps and tropical island percussion evoking memories of being in a deserted exotic paradise.

"Amma (Moon Mix)" treads a thin line between warehouse anthem and Balearic tickler; it's rave-indebted lead line somewhat suppressed by the coastal chord stabs that surround it while the heavy warehouse break is tamed by glassy bell chimes and a much more naive and childlike approach than hoards of young men necking garies under an abandoned railway bridge... A strange but comfortable juxtaposition of styles that's synonymous with Trans-4AM.

Definitely merits a purchase! 


Matt says: Safe Trip is a label who've every single release I've so far acquired without ever meaning to collect the label! Such is the quality of their releases they simpy go into my bag without me even realising it was them behind them each and every time! Second visitation of Trans-4AM for the label and it's two nice takes of "Arrival" and "Amma" off the "Sublunar Oracles" LP. Nice!

Distributed as an anonymous 'top secret' release and available in-store only, not online. Stamped centre labels influenced by original 'Buzz' logo artwork. Includes A4 insert containing the following cryptic clues to what the release is:

'The following audio artifact, uncovered during a research trip to Antwerp, Belgium, was subject to rigorous testing in the Safe Trip laboratory. The summary of our findings is as follows :
- Using carbon testing, waveform analysis, sample deconstructing and electro-acoustic offset subdivision, we were able to date the artifact to 1992.
- In a unique audio examination pioneered by our researchers, the artefact - a white-label vinyl record - was placed on a metal platter capable of rotating 360 degrees. When the item was upon it, the platter rotated towards the exact co-ordinates of ‘Sublunar Point’, the exact point on Earth where the Moon is at its zenith.
- Each of the eight musical works etched onto the record’s surface were extracted and examined note by note. Every note was logged to create a definitive sequence, which will be henceforth as the ‘Oracle Genome’. Cross-referencing suggests Deoxyribonucleic Acid matches with two related individuals and at least one other life form yet to be classified. Research into this vital area is ongoing.
- A group of 23 human volunteers was asked to listen to each of the works in sequence while we monitored their heart-rate, binaural responses and the width in millimetres of their pupils. While four of the volunteers for agitated and began sweating profusely, 19 showed signs of increased production of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline.
- Volunteers were asked to spontaneously shout out words and phrases while being subjected to the musical works. Curiously, a number of words, or combinations of words, were shouted by over 50% of respondents. These included the following: ‘Mount Void’, ‘Depth Probe’, ‘Dencity’ and, most bafflingly, ‘Amma’. We invite colleagues the world over to analyze and test this audio artifact further in order to increase our understanding of this mysterious and thought-provoking item.'


Matt says: Mega this. Completely unbeknownst to me till now too. Celestial space music moving thru downbeat to techno but always looking to the stars. I need.

Franco F / Marika Lenny

Welcome To Paradise ADE Bonus Disc

Nice, limited, almost-white label business here from the Safe Trip crew - purveyors of both "Dream House" compilations alongside 'nuff tasty new house music. This release was given out exclusively at the Amsterdam Dance Event last year, but somehow we've managed to bag a few limited spares!

Double-sider of exquisite house music pressure. Franco F's "Ray-Tracing Sauna" is a wavy glider with punchy low end, thick swirling pads and a steady beat. Add a few ascending arpeggio flurries and you've got a dreamy house epic that's not only in keeping with the label's ethos, it packs a serious vibe for the floor.

Marika Lenny deploys vintage house organ chords, a bubbling synthline and kinetic house beats for a mid-session romp that'll put smiles on everyone's face. Add a careering synth-flute cruising through the middle of the track and it's only gonna accentuate the buzz! Literally the last remaining copies of this hit, so don't delay if you want in. 


Matt says: Eagle eared and keen dance music enthusiasts will be aware of this record that circulated during last year's Amsterdam Dance Event. We've got huslted a few spares for us meagre peasantry that were unable to attent. Don't mess about, once it's gone its gone!


Ltd 12" Info: Super limited 12" release in conjuction with Amsterdam Dance Event

Ben Penn

Very Important

June 2018, Amsterdam, NL: 12 months ago we concluded a series of experiments with a test subject named Ben Penn. A year on, we decided to repeat this experiment at his Tilburg base. Once again, the results were startling...
After being provided with a sizeable dose of an enhanced and notably stronger derivative of 4-Ho Met (codenamed ST011), Penn not only reported intense hallucinations but also enhanced music production capabilities. With the aid of electronic instruments and hardware, he worked quickly, producing both his trademark “higher level inter-dimensional funk” and compositions that defied our previous expectations.

During the early stages of his ST011 experience, Penn completely ignored the provided Rhythm Composer and instead crafted a colourful, humid, jazzy and beat-free track entitled “Nix”, which boasted loose and fluid synthesizer motifs. As his hallucinatory experience intensified, Penn giddily tapped out tropical rhythms on the provided beat-making device, smothering them in alien electronics and sticky melodies. When we asked what this devilishly good cut was called, he simply replied: “Not Important”.

As the test went on and the most intense symptoms died down, Penn was much like his old self. Before the ST011 wore off completely, he was able to finish two examples of his trademark “inter-dimensional funk”: the skewed, introspective, bassline-driven wooziness of “Ben” and the mazy, kaleidoscopic goodness of “People”. The latter composition was particularly potent and ear pleasing, suggesting that his ST011 experience had finished on an intense high


Patrick says: More synthetic 4/4 funk from Young Marco's entirely psychedelic Safe Trip imprint. This time round, Ben Penn hits us with a vibrating beatless jam, a tropical tonker and a pair of saucer-eyed steamers (check that bassline on "Ben"!). Grab a copy and rock a dance floor.


Dragon Wave/Vx Ltd

Skipping the completely cryptic sales notes which accompany all Safe Trip 12"s, I'll give you a little audio exposition on this strange groover from Den Hague's Dazion. The A-side slides into tribal territories thanks to tumbling percussion and bubbling electronics, twisted into a hypnotic offering which generally rejects classification. On the flip we have "VX Ltd", a more poignant and melancholic outing, utilising spacey electronic melodies, gently bobbing chords, heart-aching guitar flourishes and a tough but broken rhythm track. 


Patrick says: Dazion follows up his hawt hit on Second Circle with a 5D dance floor bomb on Safe Trip. On the A-side techno-tribal percussion dances around a ritualistic riff, while the B-side brings spaced out electro with a hint of melancholy. Music for the 4-HO-5-MEO crew...

New album from Darling on Safe Trip records - Young Marco's psychedelically aligned label based in Amsterdam.

Sonically, it allies itself with Andras Fox, Moon B, Vakula & Dream House - delicately constructed, fathoms deep and with a tantalizing, humanoid palette which, though often electronically powered, prefers dusty retro sound boxes than the most up-to-date, speaker-crushing VST plug-ins.

It's playful in parts, naive in others, but seductive and caressing throughout. It fits perfectly with the Safe Trip ethos - fundamentally creating a rich and stimulating sonic environment in which to journey inwards, outwards and across dimensional barriers. Take the trip!


Matt says: This one took me by surprise. Delicate and serene with big nods to Melbourne's box twiddlers; Darling has conjured up a heart felt, electronically powered album that traverses mood, genre and style effortlessly. A mini-masterpiece!


When She Hates Me / Isle Of Red

    Young Marco's psychedelic hub, Safe Trip, returns with another precision dose of dreamy trance dance, perfectly filtrated by frequent flyer Darling. On A-side cut "When She Hates Me" our club chemist puts together shuffling drum patterns, sparkling chords and a circular bassline, augmenting his paradise electronics with glitching arps, tropical idents and steamy pads. The result is a moving and melodic slice of dream house, perfect for deployment when the body's tired and the mind's at its most susceptible. Over on the flip "Isle Of Red" uses laser guided bass, exotic mallets and evocative delays to place us in a distant jungle clearing, bathed in primal rhythms and a cooling mist. 


    Patrick says: Another winner from Safe Trip here as Darling delivers a two tracker of textured and melodic house for the rainforest crew. Expect to hear this in my next Naturist warm up...


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