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Ben Penn

Very Important

June 2018, Amsterdam, NL: 12 months ago we concluded a series of experiments with a test subject named Ben Penn. A year on, we decided to repeat this experiment at his Tilburg base. Once again, the results were startling...
After being provided with a sizeable dose of an enhanced and notably stronger derivative of 4-Ho Met (codenamed ST011), Penn not only reported intense hallucinations but also enhanced music production capabilities. With the aid of electronic instruments and hardware, he worked quickly, producing both his trademark “higher level inter-dimensional funk” and compositions that defied our previous expectations.

During the early stages of his ST011 experience, Penn completely ignored the provided Rhythm Composer and instead crafted a colourful, humid, jazzy and beat-free track entitled “Nix”, which boasted loose and fluid synthesizer motifs. As his hallucinatory experience intensified, Penn giddily tapped out tropical rhythms on the provided beat-making device, smothering them in alien electronics and sticky melodies. When we asked what this devilishly good cut was called, he simply replied: “Not Important”.

As the test went on and the most intense symptoms died down, Penn was much like his old self. Before the ST011 wore off completely, he was able to finish two examples of his trademark “inter-dimensional funk”: the skewed, introspective, bassline-driven wooziness of “Ben” and the mazy, kaleidoscopic goodness of “People”. The latter composition was particularly potent and ear pleasing, suggesting that his ST011 experience had finished on an intense high


Dragon Wave/Vx Ltd

Skipping the completely cryptic sales notes which accompany all Safe Trip 12"s, I'll give you a little audio exposition on this strange groover from Den Hague's Dazion. The A-side slides into tribal territories thanks to tumbling percussion and bubbling electronics, twisted into a hypnotic offering which generally rejects classification. On the flip we have "VX Ltd", a more poignant and melancholic outing, utilising spacey electronic melodies, gently bobbing chords, heart-aching guitar flourishes and a tough but broken rhythm track. 


Patrick says: Dazion follows up his hawt hit on Second Circle with a 5D dance floor bomb on Safe Trip. On the A-side techno-tribal percussion dances around a ritualistic riff, while the B-side brings spaced out electro with a hint of melancholy. Music for the 4-HO-5-MEO crew...

New album from Darling on Safe Trip records - Young Marco's psychedelically aligned label based in Amsterdam.

Sonically, it allies itself with Andras Fox, Moon B, Vakula & Dream House - delicately constructed, fathoms deep and with a tantalizing, humanoid palette which, though often electronically powered, prefers dusty retro sound boxes than the most up-to-date, speaker-crushing VST plug-ins.

It's playful in parts, naive in others, but seductive and caressing throughout. It fits perfectly with the Safe Trip ethos - fundamentally creating a rich and stimulating sonic environment in which to journey inwards, outwards and across dimensional barriers. Take the trip!


Matt says: This one took me by surprise. Delicate and serene with big nods to Melbourne's box twiddlers; Darling has conjured up a heart felt, electronically powered album that traverses mood, genre and style effortlessly. A mini-masterpiece!

Wooahh! Outta nowhere comes the third installment of this now cult-adored series. Over the first two volumes, Safe Trip have treated us to the dreamy and heavenly side of Italian house music - and now they're back with another double disc set of cushion soft and cerebrum tickling house music from the Med. 

First press of this new edition, featuring a who's who of Italian talent - Jacy, Optik, Leo Anibaldi, Cosmic Galaxy & Don Carlos to name a few - it really is an allstar cast!

The Safe Trip organisation has been broadcasting their musical version of a traditional "numbers station" on the frequency 5079. Human intelligence suggests the agent behind four regular, ear-pleasing transmissions is the safe trip associate "Artis".

Using a specially modified "one-time pad", we were able to decipher these undercover operatives. The ethereal, dreamy, arpeggio-driven throb of "Panthera Pardus", with its poignant tone and undulating lead lines, was clearly meant as a warning.. The same could be said of "Cetacea", where melancholic synthesizer sounds and meandering electronics gently wind their way around hybrid electronic/acoustic percussion.

Panic set in once we deciphered "Giganthopithecus", a composition littered with frequent increases in percussive intensity and a mind-altering melodic refrain. Our hunch that artis was ordering immediate action by agents was confirmed by "Delphinae", whose colourful melodic fluidity, futurist new age construction and layered wooden drum hits deeply affected our researchers. We ordered our own agents to raid the station, but Artis had long since scuttled off into the hazy morning sunshine.


Patrick says: Safe Trip always poetic with their sales notes, so let me keep this concise. Artis gives us synth basslines and glassy keys, off kilter percussion trax, Japonesque diversions into soft intensity and cooling cosmic healers which call to mind Visible Cloaks, Cos/Mes and the usual lysergic house tackle you expect from Young Marco's label.


SIM / Moon Fleet

The second installment of Safe Trip's Darling dalliance is upon us, bearing another pair of hallucinatory dancefloor hits for the DJ dreamers out there. A-side cut "SIM" delivers rubbery bass wobble, lopsided percussion and nuanced woodblocks, all set atop breathy Italian house pads. Sturdy yet soft, and wonderfully wiggy, the cut really comes into its own with the introduction of a curious keyboard melody that adds a touch of interdimensional jazz to proceedings. On the flip, "Moon Fleet" bleeps the bass sound up a little, then sets it wriggling away against snapping electro drums, taking a detour into wormhole funk while all kinds of spectral sparkles whirl through your field of future vision.


Sil says: Bubby, clean and suave electro cum techno. All on the soft side of things. Melodic as hell a la Aphex Twin. And very very good overall. Get this pronto as they are flying as we speak. It sounds awesome on the speakers here in the shop.

Max Abysmal

Sutekh's Mirage / Donna, Don't Stop

Young Marco's Safe Trip are back with another high-grade heater for all the microdosers out there, this time courtesy of shadowy Dutch figure Max Abysmal. In keeping with the label's dreamy aesthetic, the mystery man treats us to a pair of hypnotic, exotic and esoteric house jams perfect for sunset, sunrise and fireside romps. On the A-side, "Sutekh's Mirage" moves through circular chimes, airy flute licks and warming bass tones while keeping the mechanical percussion restrained and dynamic. Beautiful and hallucinogenic, this is perfect material for either side of the peak time. On the flip, "Donna, Don't Stop" moves further into the shamanic house territories, teaming woody pipe riffs with clattering beats, hypnotic bass and cascading keys. Whether they're quaffing mushy brew, riding the rainbow highway or experimenting with letters and numbers, Safe Trip spangle you sweetly.


Patrick says: The mysterious Max Abysmal takes to Safe Trip, donning druid's robes and conducting an ayahuasca ceremony with a DX7 as his assistant. Hypnotic, organic and entheogenic house music here, perfect for the naturists on the dance floor.


When She Hates Me / Isle Of Red

Young Marco's psychedelic hub, Safe Trip, returns with another precision dose of dreamy trance dance, perfectly filtrated by frequent flyer Darling. On A-side cut "When She Hates Me" our club chemist puts together shuffling drum patterns, sparkling chords and a circular bassline, augmenting his paradise electronics with glitching arps, tropical idents and steamy pads. The result is a moving and melodic slice of dream house, perfect for deployment when the body's tired and the mind's at its most susceptible. Over on the flip "Isle Of Red" uses laser guided bass, exotic mallets and evocative delays to place us in a distant jungle clearing, bathed in primal rhythms and a cooling mist. 


Patrick says: Another winner from Safe Trip here as Darling delivers a two tracker of textured and melodic house for the rainforest crew. Expect to hear this in my next Naturist warm up...

Satoshi & Makoto

CZ-5000 Sounds And Sequences

Tireless working to bring audio enjoyment to all corners of the world, globe trotting DJ hero, production genius and digger extraordinaire Young Marco is a bit of a gee. Especially when you consider he still finds time to curate the sublime stream of otherworldly, synthetic brilliance found on his Safe Trip imprint. Substituting cigarettes for sleep, the Dutchman travelled day and night to arrive at a secluded building in Kawasaki, Japan, where he found identical twins Satoshi and Makoto bent over a Casio CZ-5000. The apartment was filled with a warm, wavey sound, largely ambient in nature, positive in tone and possibly extra-terrestrial in origin. The duo informed Marco that they had created every melody, drumbeat and musical phrase using this one piece of Japanese-made musical hardware. Mostly dating to the 90s, the 11 tracks collected on this LP came to being under the influence of early Japanese techno, The ORB, YMO, Kraftwerk and 'lots of soul'. Immersive, inspirational and otherworldly, the LP shifts between the naive and rhythmic (Untitled), exotic and atmospheric (Bamboo Grove) and interdimensional (Time Lapse). If you dug on the future primitive synth-wave of Marco's early releases, or the nuovo New Age of A.R.T. Wilson, this record is for you!

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