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Trace Mountains

Lost In Country

    Trace Mountains Lost in The Country is the new album from Dave Benton (formerly of LVL Up and ex-co-owner of indie label Double Double Whammy.) First release for Lame-O Records, Lost in The Country feels Phil Elverum tinkering with a dash of Lambchop electronics.


    Coloured LP Info: Opaque light blue vinyl.


    Get My Mind Right

      Get My Mind Right is a new two song single from Boston MA’s Fiddlehead. It marks the band’s first release since 2018’s Springtime and Blind and continues their emotive hardcore sound. The title track explodes with vocalist Patrick Flynn’s screamed plea “help me,” leading off the song’s themes of helplessness and broken promises with the call and response chorus of “You said you’d help me get my mind right.” B-side track “Stay In the Room” features a songlong dreary guitar lead and pummeling drum beat that channels bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. Fiddlehead is writing new material and plans to release their second full-length album in 2020.

      Ann Arbor’s Pity Sex built the world of White Hot Moon, their second album, inch-by-inch. The band is using the foundation of 2013’s celebrated Feast of Love as the framework for something bigger, stronger, and altogether more monumental. Coming off of tours with Ceremony, Eskimeaux, and Colleen Green including a run in Australia the band dove into the studio with Feast of Love producer Will Yip to harness that momentum into an album to showcase Pity Sex’s growth.

      And if White Hot Moon wears its ambition on its sleeve, that’s by design: the band looked to wide-screen albums by Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth for inspiration in finding a bigger sound. That shows: Drake and Greaves spin huge webs of sound, anchored in shoegaze but branching off in a dozen directions, from fuzzed-out power-pop (Bonhomie) to shimmering balladry (Dandelion) and back again, while St. Charles and Pierce lock into step subtly counterintuitive rhythms and floor-shaking low-end.

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