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OK. Andi Hanley. One of Manchester's Finest. Either u know or u don't.

- AKA 'The Bat'
- Secret 4th Body & Soul resident
- host of NYC's loosest after hours back in the day
- Owns a pair of fully modded Klipschorns which live in his mum's back room
- No you can't borrow them for your party
- Margiela shoes
- Humblest guy in showbiz

Look I can't be arsed explaining any further. If u don't know about Andi its your fuckin loss and no amount of googling resident advisor is gonna help u this time. Just listen to these epic island-synth-wave kutz from the edit master lovingly spread across 2 x 12"" and make a promise to yourself to DIG DEEPER

Ruffy x


Patrick says: Local legend, Body & Soul resident and all round gee Andi 'The Bat' Hanley touches down on Ruf Kutz with a double 12" of his most exotic edits. Insane obscurities expertly treated for maximum enjoyment. Remember folks, Hanners is the man!

Ruf Dug

Ruf Tapes Volume 1 - Dark Disco And Dream House

    Mixed By Ruf Dug... Dark disco and dream house... Blunted neon futures... Cyberpunks with exotic implants smoke e-cigs on a floating dancefloor while rogue streetkids get around in an ancient Citroen DS rigged to run on biodiesel and this C-60 on their solar powered Blaupunkt... Android boogie for VHS mutants... Tomorrow is magnetic.

    Limited run 100

    Comes with download, just in case you don't own a cassette player!

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