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Classic-era Rolling Stones. An amplified, rocking version of 60s protest folk. The raw spirit of indie rock. The soulful passion of the Violent Femmes and The Waterboys. All of these comparisons have been made in attempts to describe Southern California 5-piece Delta Spirit. Each description contains elements of the truth, but the real answer to the question 'Who is Delta Spirit?' lies within "Ode To Sunshine", the band's captivating debut. The group's DIY ethic shines throughout the album, with songs honed razor-sharp over a year of non-stop touring across America.

JD Crowe And The New South

My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame

    JD Crowe And The New South's latest album is from one of the most influential and pioneering bands in the history of bluegrass. This is a vibrant and eclectic selection of songs, with the band's trailblazing style well in evidence.

    Rory Block

    I'm Every Woman

      Rory Block's new album is a powerful mix of acoustic blues, accapella gospel, big soulful blues ballads and out and out rock songs that show off her sensual vocals and her fine guitar playing skills. With the help of people of the calibre of Kelly Joe Phelps this is a fine reaffirmation of her blues and roots heritage.

      Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen

      Runnin' Wild

        An exciting new release of contemporary acoustic music from ex-Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers and the Dillards members who bring country, folk, bluegrass and rock elements into these rich and stirring recordings.

        Lynn Miles

        Night In A Strange Town

          Lynn Miles's 1998 album has her easy going vocals lending a poetry to her lyrics, a heartfelt simplicity of emotion that characterises all her work. Produced by Joni Mitchell's ex Larry Klein futher confirmation of why she is regarded by many as one of the most gifted Americana songwriters recording today.

          The Cox Family

          Everybody's Reaching Out

            No other vocal group has the same innate sense of harmony as the Cox Family, they've been singing bluegrass and country music since childhood and there is an intuitive knowledge of where each member fits in. The music often has a rare beauty because of this shared understanding and this 1993 album is one of their finest albums to date.

            The Holy Modal Rounders

            I Make A Wish For A Potato

              Rounder Records band, The Holy Modal Rounders combined a wildness and wackiness with a reverence for their roots and tradition. If they neglected to mine and include any small corner of American music, it wasn't for lack of trying. Here's a chance to discover what their fans already know - that many musical genres sound even better when turned upside down and inside out.

              The Wayfaring Strangers

              Shifting Sands Of Time

                Weaving strands of bluegrass, roots, jazz, old-time country, folk and klezmer into a powerful fusion, the Wayfaring Strangers are an exceptionally varied set of musicians. The vocals of Jennifer Kimball and Lucy Kaplansky are another highlight on this super Rounder Records release.

                Cox Family

                Beyond The City

                  Produced and arranged by Alison Krauss this 1995 album was a benchmark recording in the development of the more roots orientated style of new country music. In the Cox Family you find a harmonious and musical group who sing with an assurance and natural ease which is both heartwarming and almost spiritual in it's delivery.

                  Various Artists

                  Folk Music From Wisconsin

                    In the 1940s, the Wisconsin Folk Music Recording Project, sponsored by the Library of Congress and the University of Wisconsin, took Helene Stratman-Thomas and other fieldworkers on a collecting expedition around Wisconsin to document a folk music that reflects the colourful pattern of immigration and occupational development in the state. This album presents a folk portrait of English language songs from the project, including historical ballads, dance tunes and several lumberjack songs.

                    Various Artists

                    Deep River Of Song : Georgia

                      Georgia has one of the USA's richest musical heritages. These groundbreaking recordings from the 1930's and 1940's are from the Alan Lomax collection and reek with authenticity.

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