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Rocket Science

One Robot

    Another single from their "Contact High" album.

    Rocket Science

    Contact High

      Described firstly by the NME as "Sounds like The Hives being run over by a truckload of Small Faces" and the Independent as "The funkiest garage-rock experience to hit these shores in years". "Contact High" contains lyrics that dabble in the lives of psycho-killers, stalkers and robots amongst other things and sounds like The Small Faces if they'd discovered synthesisers. In short, it's the most adventurous 'guitar' album you'll hear all year.

      Captain Everything

      Its Not Rocket Science

        Captain Everything are at the forefront of the rejuvenated English punk scene, developing into an act with their own voice and no longer mere copyists of the Fat Wreck sound. Touring with bands like Lightyear, Nerf Herder and Frenzal Rhomb have honed their sound and given them their edge. They've got the same dynamic punk energy, a nice line in ska beats and rhythms but with a power pop catchiness. "It's Not Rocket Science" to see that these fourteen songs are their best yet and will go a long way to cement their reputation as one of the best pop punk bands in the UK!

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