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Howards Alias

The Answer Is Never

    The second full length release from Southampton's genre bending heroes is a singular and atmospheric cocktail of punk, ska and post-rock, where mournful, impassioned vocals drift over effortlessly shifting rhythms and chopping/burning guitar lines. I realise they'd probably pay very good money for me not to say this, but on this evidence, if there's any justice in the world, they'll go far.


    I'm Without Sleep In This Desert Of Concrete

      Angry issue led songs from anarcho-squatpunk noise merchants Antimaniax. Nine tracks of powerful socio-politico punk rock dealing with topics covering animal rights, the fight against the rise of the Right in Europe, G8 Group of Nations and more. Underpinning this is some amazing upbeat ska/hardcore in the style of Sublime and Capdown.

      Ye Wiles

      Smoothing Away The Horrors Of Indigestion

        This South Coast outfit mix skacore, folk and good old fashioned punk rock and produced a violin led frenzy of sound. Laconic S'thern vocal delivery (the singer has a nice sneer in his voice) and bags of energy. New on Household Name.

        Captain Everything

        Its Not Rocket Science

          Captain Everything are at the forefront of the rejuvenated English punk scene, developing into an act with their own voice and no longer mere copyists of the Fat Wreck sound. Touring with bands like Lightyear, Nerf Herder and Frenzal Rhomb have honed their sound and given them their edge. They've got the same dynamic punk energy, a nice line in ska beats and rhythms but with a power pop catchiness. "It's Not Rocket Science" to see that these fourteen songs are their best yet and will go a long way to cement their reputation as one of the best pop punk bands in the UK!

          Adequate Seven

          Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience

            Paraphrasing William Blake in their album title is just one aspect of Adequate Seven's unusual penchant for strange bedfellows. Who else could blend skacore brass, bouncing grooves and hardcore vocals into such a distinctive groove-laden hardcore sound. They make it work and use influences as wide as Funkadelic, AFI and Sick Of It All to make a whole new sound. Live they've toured with Capdown, Lightyear, and Hundred Reasons. Now, fresh from touring with Fishbone, the band release their debut full length album on Household Name, a label that rarely lets you down.


            Nothing To Say

              Second release from rising popular Bristol ska punkers Kenisia, now with a big horn section and bigger pop punk tunes this will cement their name alongside those of Capdown, Lightyear and Spunge in the ever-developing UK ska punk scene.

              The Take


                This is the debut album by South Wales' band The Take. "Propeller", is an amalgam of noise and melody. A rush of surging guitars, driving rhythms and impassioned vocals. Echoes of early Nirvana and Mudhoney with a touch of Jawbreaker thrown in.

                Anti Maniax

                As Long As People Think

                  How queer that the band that could revitalise the whole skacore scene and give it a much needed kick up the arse should originate in Graz, Austria. Anti Maniax, mix up squat-punk noise with Propagandhi style political hardcore all in an aggressive skacore stylee. "As Long As People Think" is a strong debut with ten tracks with the lyrics covering everything from animal rights to a recipe for chilli con tofu!! (true!) Crammed full of killer tunes this is an album for anyone who is into bands who have a social conscious and are not afraid to speak their minds.

                  Big D And The Kids Table

                  The Gipsy Hill LP

                    Big D And The Kids Table are one of Boston's best new skacore acts. This second album "The Gipsy Hill LP" is their best work to date and will propel them to the same status as contemporaries like Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and the Mad Caddies.

                    Five Knuckle

                    Lost For Words, Far From Speechless

                      "Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall" typifies the debut full-length album from Bristol based quintet, Five Knuckle. If you don't fancy doing it to yourself then they'll be happy to do it to you, containing 14 tracks of hardcore punk reminiscent of Anti Flag and Minor Threat at their rawest.

                      Da Skywalkers

                      Smalltown Saviours

                        No hold barred old skool hardcore on the excellent Household Name label.

                        Big D And The Kid's Table / Five Knuckle

                        Look What You've Done

                          Split six-track tour CD from Bristol's Five Knuckle and Boston's Big D And The Kid's Table. Featuring raging ska-punk from Big D while Five Knuckle are heavy hardcore punk a la Anti Flag. All put together it makes for an excellent low price ska / hardcore CDEP!


                          Call Of The Weasel Clan

                            Derby 7-piece full of melodic up-beat ska chaos, pop tunes and the most dangerous brass section on the planet. Not your typical ska-punk bands, Lightyear inject punk, hardcore and pop influences into their songs and have rapidly become one of the most dynamic, enjoyable and unpredictable bands around.


                            Pound For The Sound

                              Not since the arrival of Snuff on the UK underground scene many moons ago has a UK band made such an impact as Capdown. Playing over 250 gigs a year, recently supporting Less Than Jake on their UK tour, opening Deconstruction 2001 and appearing at this year's Reading / Leeds festivals. This, their latest offering looks set to be one most interesting punk releases of 2001 and eclipses everything the band has done before.

                              Various Artists

                              Rumours, Ridicule & The Profit Motive

                                The second Household Name Records exciting new low price sampler featuring their top bands and showcasing some great new talent. If you want to catch the first glimpse of the great new roster, here it is : Da Skywalkers, Not Waving But Drowning, Hundred Reasons, Link 80, Canvas and Five Knuckle to name but a few.

                                Five Knuckle

                                All Ages

                                  5 tracks of vitriolic punk from a new Household Name band. Loud and proud.

                                  Capdown / Link 80


                                    Two of the most exciting young ska'rdcore bands from the UK and USA team up for a special 4-song release. Previously only available on limited coloured vinyl it's now on CD.

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