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28 Little Bangers From Richard Hawley's Jukebox

    • Ace Records is thrilled to be working with seminal singer-songwriter, toast of this year's Olivier Awards and all-round Sheffield legend Richard Hawley on this, the first volume of a compilation series of some of his favourite singles. This is a selection of 28 7''s that Richard has collected on his travels around the globe, through friends, family, collectors, word of mouth, thrift shop finds, pub jukebox gems and everything in between. Richard refers to the glue that joins these selections together as 'Little Bangers' as they are all mini hand grenades; bright lights that explode and fizzle out, some big names, some rarities, some lost souls, some obscurities, some by artists he actively enjoys knowing almost nothing about other than they want to get him on his feet and dance. Many are garage instrumentals, exposing the guitar-line as lead melody and the art of telling a story without lyrics.

    • As Richard puts it, 'I’m fascinated by the 7-inch single because of the discipline of it. A 7-inch single can only contain a certain amount of information... So, you have to learn the discipline of cramming all that information and craft into a short space of time. If you imagine this album as a piece of bacon, there’s absolutely no fat on it at all. It’s just juicy meat. There aren’t flabby recordings, they are very nimble.'

    • We're extra proud that the Hendrix Estate have allowed us to include Curtis Knight & The Squires' ferocious and never previously licensed 'Hornet's Nest' which naturally we proudly kick off with. We feature the five-minutes-plus long version that has never been released before. The pace never slackens, taking in the Shadows, Link Wray, the Troggs, the Champs, Jimmy Gordon and so many more besides. It's joyful, it's relentless, and you can listen to it on repeat for a thousand miles.

    To give Richard the last word: 'My advice to everybody, is keep on the surfboard, motherfucker. These records have kept me on my surfboard for decades, you know what I’m saying?'


    1. HORNET'S NEST –
    Curtis Knight & The Squires Feat. Jimi Hendrix
    2. NASTY - The Time Keepers
    3. PATH THROUGH THE FOREST - The Factory
    4. GET ON THIS PLANE - The Premiers
    5. SCOTCH ON THE SOCKS - The Shadows
    6. QUASIMOTO - The Road Runners
    7. LAZY REBEL - Twangy Rebels
    1. SWINGING DRUMS - Ronny Kae
    2. CUTTIN' OUT - Rockin’ Ronald & The Rebels
    3. HONKY - The Ho-Dads
    4. BLACK NIGHT - Cheryl Thompson
    5. LONG LINE RIDER - Bobby Darin
    6. POPPIN' POPEYE - Link Wray
    7. HOT-ROD - King Curtis
    1. FEELS LIKE A WOMAN - The Troggs
    2. CUTTIN' OUT - The Pirates
    3. WHERE YOU GONNA GO - Art Guy
    4. NEB'S TUNE - Ahab & The Wailers
    5. BUZZZZZZ - Jimmy Gordon
    6. JUNGLE WALK - The Dyna-Sores
    7. SURFIN' & SWINGIN' - Les Brown Jr
    1. TAHITI - Jimmy & Stan
    2. BAWANA JINDE - Al Duncan
    3. DEAD END PART 1 - The Executioners
    4. REQUIEM FOR LOVE - Bobbie Gentry & Jody Reynolds
    5. 3/4 MASH - The Champs
    6. EL GATO - The Chandelles
    7. IT’S NOTHING TO ME – Sanford Clark

    Richard Hawley

    Standing At The Sky's Edge - Music Box

      ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’ is the title track from Richard Hawley’s sixth studio album, which debuted at number three in the UK albums chart in 2012 and was nominated for that year’s Mercury Prize. Named after Skye Edge, a hillside area with views over the city centre, the song went onto inspire a musical which tells the story of three families over sixty years living in Sheffield’s Park Hill housing estate. It premiered at the Crucible before transferring to the National in London and won Best Musical Production at the UK Theatre Awards and the South Bank Sky Arts Award for Theatre. This is another great Music Box version of one of Hawley's best-loved songs, so why not…

      Richard Hawley

      Looking For Someone To Find Me - Music Box

        The latest in the Richard Hawley music box series is  fan favouriet ‘I’m Looking For Someone To Find Me’, from the award winning Singer-Songwriter’s 5th studio album ‘Lady's Bridge’. 

        Released in 2007, Hawley said the LP was about “leaving the past behind” and was named after another landmark location in his hometown of Sheffield. The Guardian called the record “beautiful, moving pop at its best" and it was lauded by the NME as “an album that has moments that won't be bettered this year or any other.” with BBC Music adding that it “furthers his cause in becoming a proper national treasure".

        Richard Hawley

        Tonight The Streets Are Ours - Music Box

          The third in the series of Richard Hawley music boxes.

          "Do you know why you got feelings in your heart....."

          Richard Hawley

          Open Up Your Door - Music Box

            The 2nd in the series of Richard Hawley music boxes.

            Wind the handle to play the gorgeous refrain from Open Up Your Door.

            An absolute gem!

            Richard Hawley

            Coles Corner - Music Box

              The first of a series of Richard Hawley music boxes.

              Turn the handle to play a snippet of Coles Corner.

              It'll melt your heart!

              It’s been a while since the last Richard Hawley album - 4 years in fact. During that time he made a decision to break the recording / touring cycle he’d been working since he was 14 and went off to write music for films and also an acclaimed musical, "Standing At The Sky's Edge", based around a housing estate in his home town. But now he’s back, with a new album, and although there’s plenty of the swoonsome, croonsome Hawley we know and love, he’s not been afraid to push the boundaries a little.

              If you’re a 6music listener, then you can’t fail to have heard the opening track, the bluesy rock’n’roll stomp of “Of My Mind” - maybe a bit of a shock to the system for long-time Hawley fans, but fear not! It’s followed my the Smithsian “Alone” and then the gorgeous “My Little Treasures” - a beautiful, heartfelt song written about drinking with two of his late father’s oldest friends. The sweeping strings and pedal steel of the title track and slow strummed ballad  “Emilina Says” wind things down beautifully.

              I don’t know if the album was put together with the thought of an A-side and B-side in mind, but that’s how it comes across, with both sides opening with a big ballsy blast that slowly eases as the needle creeps inwards. The B-side opens with “Is There A Pill?”, with it’s pounding drums and big string surges that bring to mind “A Design For Life” era Manics. It’s followed by the chugging “Galley Girl” and then gently drifts into the languid “Not Lonely”. “Time Is” could be a Neil Diamond cover (he wrote some gems you know!) and is followed by my favourite track on the album “Midnight Train” - classic Hawley! And finally, the album is rounded off with the short but sweet, gentle strum of “Doors”.

              “Further” is possibly the most diverse album Richard Hawley has recorded, but it flows beautifully - partly down to the wonderfully intertwined guitar playing of Hawley and long-time cohort Shez Sheridan, but also because Hawley is such a great song writer. If like me, you are unsure on first listen, stick with it - it’s worth it!

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Off My Mind
              2. Alone
              3. My Little Treasures
              4. Further
              5. Emilina Says
              6. Is There A Pill?
              7. Galley Girl
              8. Not Lonely
              9. Time Is
              10. Midnight Train
              11. Doors

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