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Another blink-and-you'll-miss-it, cult curio from Relaxin Records - the people that brought you Inga Copeland's "Higher Powers" from a few weeks back. Still unclear who is behind the label but mystic and intrigue has always been the remit of Inga Copeland, Dean Blunt's infamous collaborator, and the artist behind the Lolina alias.

It's a jagged and skeletal post-punk / disco-not-disco project mainly centered around (real name) Alina Astrova's quirky, dead pan vocal utterances. "Face The Music" features a stripped back palette mainly based around live drums, bass and some added mallets and outta tune guitar squiggles. "Forget It Left Bank" utilizes warped loops akin to her work as Hype Williams; a non-linear dark daydream smothered in a benzo-induced haze.

"Music Is The Drug" is an opiated and smudged crawl through uncategorizable sounds; an undefinable track that keeps you hooked on pure novel expression. "What Is Power" continues to colour in this strange mutant soundscape; throwing any kind of standard musical tradition out of the window and into the landfill; adopting a kind of hanging-on-the-edge-of-sleep, liminality that is both alien and alluring in equal measure. Oh, and is that Dean Blunt on guest vocals? Or the dude with long hair from Bar Italia (whom we know are all part of the same creative circle)?? The mystery continues...


Matt says: As odd and as strange a sonic curio you're ever likely to hear. There's an alluring quality that draws you in (Inga Copeland's trademark) and though throwing the 'standard' musical rulebook out of the window completely; the discord and strange rhythms are fascinating and strangely dulcet.


1. Face The Music 
2. Forget It Left Bank
3. Music Is The Drug (Album Version)
4. What Is Power 

Inga Copeland

Higher Powers

    *BIG FANFARE!!* New album from Inga Copeland who I'm hoping you're aware of via the cult group Hype Williams which she was in with Dean Blunt. A modern muse of mythical status, Inga's smeared synth-pop musings and radioactive downbeat exercises have become highly treasured amongst underground aficionados, reddit forum users and NTS listeners alike.

    Stylistically it exists in that liminal / hypnogogic space between reality and dream world, with melancholic undertones reflecting, unfortunately, the current mood of our fractured country. With songs resembling traditional structures soon dissipating into the ether or crumbling into fried motherboards it draws comparisons with the recent Bar Italia album in terms of construction if not stylistic content. Her deliberately-almost-broken voice compliments the sorrowful machine music beautifully - the perfect ballad to soundtrack the end of humanity.

    Her 'first and last' album, which has previously only been released digitally, gets a highly coveted vinyl edition here - if you're reading this and its still in stock then lucky you - click that buy button or hurriedly scamper up to our counter with this in your hand - proud in the knowledge that you've snaffled a piece of modern electronic music treasure everyone’ll be fighting over in a couple of weeks. 


    Matt says: Bedroom blues, rain dappled electronica, exotic downbeat; Inga Copeland's liminal music is a music journalist's fantasy or horror, depending on how eloquent they might be feeling that day.


    01 Faith
    02 Light Up
    03 A&E (Copeland Audacity Mix)
    04 B.M.W.
    05 Obsession 2
    06 A World In Danger III (ft. Scratcha DVA)

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