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Samantha Crain

A Small Death - 2022 Reissue

    Samantha Crain's critically acclaimed 'A Small Death' is a record that brims with hope and a deft wryness, packed with the sort of melodies and stories that have been warming the hearts of those so familiar with and fond of her work over the years. After a series of accidents that left the artist without the use of her hands, this album was her first release after she worked tirelessly to recover from her injuries.


    An Echo
    Holding To The Edge Of Night
    High Horse
    Constructive Eviction
    Garden Dove
    Tough For You
    When We Remain
    Little Bits

    Bess Atwell

    Already, Always

      Residing now in Brighton, Bess grew up in the English countryside in a creative family of songwriters and artists. Whilst her crystalline vocals draw favourable comparisons to the likes of Marika Hackman and Julia Jacklin, her lyrics evoke an imagery that often spins from the pastoral to the abstract.


      1. Co-op
      2. All You Can Do
      3. Silver Fir
      4. Dolly
      5. Love Is Not Enough
      6. How Do You Leave
      7. Time Comes In Roses
      8. Red Light Heaven
      9. Olivia, In A Separate Bed
      10. Nobody

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