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Hannah Lou Clark

The Heart And All Its Sin

    “Within 30 seconds of Clark’s set starting, the room was silent. Her voice poured over the gentle dissonance suggested by each chord” - The Quietus

    “An artist who matches an affecting flourish with a dissonant sonic touch, her work is both challenging and completely immediate.” - Clash Magazine

    “Hannah Lou Clark and her band, equal parts anxsty and dreamy” - Brooklyn Vegan

    ‘The Heart And All Its Sin’ was mixed and co-produced by Tarek Musa from Spring King and is a collection of songs exploring the complexities of love and loss. Hannah Lou Clark has laid her soul bare in these songs in a way that others would never do.

    Lead track ‘Don’t Sweat It’ bravely addresses the yearnings of the heart in times of turmoil; with lines like “champagne takes the edge off me” she can see that whilst giving into our vices can’t help the heart heal, it can be a welcome distraction. Full of crunching guitars and wickedly smart melodies, it sees Clark push her limits further once again. “I think people worry too much about small things, and we know it too,” Clark says, speaking about her new track. “The simple message is that life is too short, and there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down.”

    Hannah Lou Clark

    It's Your Love

      Quatre Femmes Records present ‘It’s Your Love’ from Hannah Lou Clark.

      This is Hannah’s second EP and the follow up to her critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Silent Type’.

      Extensive touring around the release of ‘Silent Type’ offered a fresh perspective on certain things in Hannah’s life. ‘It’s Your Love’ was written over this touring period and sees Hannah further experimenting sonically.

      Produced by Hannah and mixed by Tarek Musa of Spring King, this EP offers an artist in full command of her voice.


      It’s Your Love
      Cowboy Joe

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