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II: The Next Wave

    "II: The Next Wave" is the long-awaited second album from hip-hop production supergroup Quakers.

    Featuring over 25 MCs on over 30 tracks across 2 LPs, it's a highly accomplished journey into the more concious and musical territories of rhyme and beat. It contains explosive, up-to-date commentaries on subjects such as American politics, Black identiy, gun laws, disproportionate wealth and global disengagement with minorities.

    There's a tense & abrasive mood to the entire album, as if a demoltion ram is about to smash through a brick wall. It's fiercly aligns itself with Run The Jewels & Clipping and is terrifyingly arresting with its urgent aggression.

    Featured MCs include Sampa the Great, Koreatown Oddity, Jonwayne, Guilty Simpson, Grandmilly, Jeremiah Jae, & more. 


    1. Electrify
    2. Start It Like This Ft Phat Kat
    3. One Of A Kind Ft Guilty Simpson
    4. Sell Your Soul
    5. Bare Essentials Ft The Niyat
    6. A Myth Ft Sageinfinite
    7. This Station Ft Jeremiah Jae
    8. Alive
    9. Heat On It Ft Grandmilly
    10. Double Jointed Ft The Koreatown Oddity
    11. Who Dat Ft Chester Watson
    12. Radiola Ft Radioactivists
    13. Gun Control Ft The Black Opera
    14. We Tried
    15. Duck & Cover Ft Guilty Simpson & Cysion
    16. Morphine Ft Bob Banner
    17. Approach With Caution Ft Sampa The Great
    18. The Streets
    19. Looking For Love Ft Denmark Vessey
    20. Fa Real Ft Jeru The Damaja
    21. A Quick Fix Ft Y2 & Super Vic
    22. Test My Patience Ft Jonwayne
    23. Too Many To Count
    24. Greatness Ft Nolan The Ninja
    25. Hit List Ft Cazeaux O.L.S.O
    26. Another Kind Of War Ft Jeremiah Jae
    27. Leaflet Drops
    28. One O’clock
    29. All Of It Ft Boog Brown
    30. Machine Room Ft Fat Ray
    31. Pain Ft SavKillz
    32. The Line Ft Cavalier
    33. Blocks Ft Dante Boom

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