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Josh Ritter

So Runs The World Away - 2024 Reissue

    Limited to 1000 copies worldwide and newly remastered and optimized for vinyl. The last vinyl LP, coke bottle clear with blue swirl, sold out quickly, and there hasn't been vinyl available for nearly two years. Includes album download card, and full colour marketing sticker with: "Metallic Silver 1000 LP limited edition, Remastered + Optimized for Vinyl.


    1. Curtains
    2. Change Of Time
    3. The Curse
    4. Southern Pacifca
    5. Rattling Locks
    6. Folk Bloodbath
    7. Lark
    8. Lantern
    9. The Remnant
    10. See How Man Was Made
    11. Another New World
    12. Orbital
    13. Long Shadows

    Josh Ritter

    Spectral Lines

      Josh Ritter has been thinking a lot about space exploration. It has nothing to do with his spellbinding new album, Spectral Lines, except that in a way, it really does. “The Voyager spacecraft went up in ’77 and now it’s out there in a place that no one’s ever been before, and it’s sending back all these messages,” Ritter says. “I feel like songs do that in their own little way. They’re probes: they go out into the world, and sometimes you hear stories back from them, but really, they go off on their own.” Ritter, too, is sending back messages, in the form of 10 new songs that are atmospheric and impressionistic. Like the recently launched Webb Telescope, or Voyager all those years ago, he’s looking for signs of life, reaching for a sense of commonality, something that feels universal in this infinite universe. Spectral Lines, his 11th album, finds those shared experiences in songs that push beyond the bounds of Ritter’s previous work. Recorded with longtime collaborator Sam Kassirer producing, it’s an album full of wonder and light as Ritter considers the ideas of love, devotion and what it means to be connected, to each other and to ourselves. “I think it’s important for us to share some of our most basic and common experiences with each other, however we can,” he says. “That’s kind of what we really, really need right now.” Spectral Lines is the follow-up to Ritter’s 2019 album Fever Breaks, which made a strong showing on the Billboard Americana/Folk and Independent Albums charts and drew praise from Rolling Stone, NPR and The Associated Press. Ritter began releasing albums in 1999, and started a collaboration with Bob Weir in 2015 that resulted in Weir’s 2016 album Blue Mountain. Ritter made his debut as a fiction writer in 2011 with the best-selling novel Bright’s Passage; his second book, The Great Glorious Goddamn of It All, came out in 2021.


      1. Sawgrass
      2. Honey I Do
      3. Horse No Rider
      4. For Your Soul
      5. Black Crown
      6. Strong Swimmer
      7. Whatever Burns Will Burn
      8. Any Way They Come
      9. In Fields
      10. Someday

      Josh Ritter

      Fever Breaks

        Produced by Grammy Award-winning musician Jason Isbell, Fever Breaks was recorded at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A and features Isbell’s band, the 400 Unit. Of the album, Ritter shares with Rolling Stone, “The songs are very reflective of the times in which they were written,” he explains. “As we started coming together and playing, the songs that felt like they were gonna work really jumped out as obvious. From there on, after we recorded in August [2018] we had this really nice time to stop and listen and let the songs marinate a little bit. In that time, the world has just become even crazier. There’s a lot of the record that feels reflective of the moment it was in.”

        In 2015 Ritter began a close collaboration with Bob Weir and went on to write or co-write many of the 12 songs on Weir’s acclaimed 2016 solo album, Blue Mountain. Pitchfork called the album “quietly adventurous, wise, and a welcome late-career turn,” while Entertainment Weekly described it as “a moving group of tunes worthy of any campfire.”


        1. Ground Don’t Want Me
        2. Old Black Magic
        3. On The Water
        4. I Still Love You (Now And Then)
        5. The Torch Committee
        6. Silverblade
        7. All Some Kind Of Dream
        8. Losing Battles
        9. A New Man
        10. Blazing Highway Home 

        Josh Ritter

        Sermon On The Rocks

          Josh Ritter is the definition of an experienced songwriter. After graduating from Oberlin College in 1999 Ritter devoted his life to a songwriting career, releasing albums independently and garnering word-of-mouth popularity. He eventually caught the attention of Irish-songwriter Glen Hansard (writer of the song “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once) and was invited to be the tour opener for his band The Frames. This then resulted in Josh gaining international success, with his third record “Hello Starling”, becoming a charting hit in Ireland. His songs have been featured on the TV show Parenthood, and in movies like The Other Woman and Typeface. Josh Ritter has so far released 7 studio albums, is an author, husband, father, and is considered one of the best living songwriters by Paste Magazine.

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