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James Curd & Jonasclean

Mullen It Over & Tried For Love

    James Curd joins forces with vocalist Jonasclean on his latest PRONTO instalment, once again inviting a sublime remix cast to offer interpretations of the EP's title track, ‘Mullen It Over’.

    ‘Mullen It Over’ features sensual synth motifs entwined over thumping house rhythms, the evocative melodies gorgeously complimenting Jonasclean’s searing vocal as throbbing bass adds boundless weight to the groove. The arrangement brims with nocturnal charge, effortlessly ebbing and flowing to maintain dancefloor magnetism.

    NYC resident and master of the deep Fred P rides in with a typically affecting take. Regenerating the signature bass line amidst soul-soothing pads and mystical overdubs, he reframes the music as a spiritually-charged meditation. Hypnotic percussion undulates over heartfelt chords as the distant vocal adds texture as off-world melodies elevate the emotion.

    Next, Lumberjacks In Hell frontman Marcel Vogel steps in with a kaleidoscopic rework, emphasising the harmonics and adding abundant soul to the mix as agile motifs glide though summery chords, the distinctive vocal piercing through the mood-lifting mist before full-bodied synth lines envelop the rhythm.

    The loose-limbed ‘Original Sketch Version’ offers a floor-focused instrumental take, with propulsive chords standing in for the vocal lead as the spaced-out orchestration meanders over crunching drums and rich synth bass, before house legend Robert Owens rides in to add a trademark vocal to the ‘Original Sketch Version’ on the newly named ‘Tried For Love’. Here, Owens’ soul-drenched vocal provides an irresistible alternative to the dubbed-out instrumental, lending itself brilliantly to the Chi-town bump of the composition.


    A1 James Curd & Jonasclean - Mullen It Over
    A2 James Curd & Jonasclean - Mullen It Over (Fred P Reinterpretation)
    B1 James Curd & Jonasclean - Mullen It Over (Marcel Vogal Remix)
    B2 James Curd - Mullen It Over (Original)
    B3 James Curd Feat. Robert Owens - Tried For Love

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